Fully loaded DIY Six Rotor RC Helicopter

February 16, 2010 Admin News

Watching clever and high-tech machines in sci-fi movies is fun. Isn’t it? There are many instances when I realized that these movies always hint at the technology that is being developed inside the laboratories. Watching this six rotor helicopter reminds me of something similar. The creator has built an excellent flying machine equipped with GPS and a camera. I know, right now you are thinking of a spying machine that will fly over your neighbor s backyard. Well, there can be other meaningful uses too.

However, here you just enjoy the video of this wonderful machine. It flies with such swiftness and stability that you can’t resist saying “it’s awesome”. If six rotors are not enough then we have got one with eight rotors too. If you wish to try your hands on something similar, then complete step by step details are available.