Real life Spider-Man uses vacuum cleaners to climb walls

February 16, 2010 Admin News

While watching spider man I have always wished for such powers. But, I satisfied myself with an argument saying “It happens only in movies. These are just special effects”. However, Mr. Jem Stansfield, an enterprising scientist, did not believe in such limitations, rather believes in putting the fancy of mind into reality. He managed to climb up a 30 ft wall in a spider-man style. He did this with the help of vacuum gloves or pads he had prepared himself. No high-tech machinery was used. He attached two vacuum cleaners to a back pack and created suction in the attached gloves. Yes, It sounds like ‘oh it was so easy”, but he is the only one to materialized it.

I know that some of you must be looking at your vacuum cleaners right now. However, Mr Stansfield is not new to these ides as he has already provided special effects in many films including Lost In Space and Van Helsing, Other than this he is the inventor of world’s first air-powered motorbike, and won a New Scientist prize for boots that walk on water. And now his next task is to drive a car all the way from London to Manchester, powered only by coffee beans. All I mean to say is “Do Not Try This At Home”.
Here are few images and videos.