Freeze Flex: Fabric-based iced warp around for ailing limbs

July 30, 2012 Bharat Accessories

Do you struggle applying ice packs when hurt, just because they are very cold and don’t really stay in place for an extended period? Enter Freeze Flex – a one stop solution to all your problems. The Freeze Flex is a novel gel-filled ice pack with fabric body which guards your skin from being too cold it also has triangular patterns that contour to the natural curves of the human body.

Measuring 108.5mm x 579.5mm, the Freeze Flex has a slight slit in the middle that allows it to stay in place for longer periods, without shifting from its place. Made with stretchy elastic and Velcro on both ends, the Freeze Flex can easily fit to all limb sizes and courtesy the thumb loop it can also be effortlessly self-warped around the arm in case of an injury even when no one is around to assist.

The Freeze Flex is easy to store, this warp around product for relief from injuries and pains can be rolled up into the freezer when not in use. There is no word on the price yet.

Via: Quirky