Cool and colorful 36pencil Bowl

April 8, 2010 Admin Lifestyle

Many times small things make us feel bewilder with their unusual simplicity. This pencil bowl, named as 36pencil Bowl, seems simple, but still unusually beautiful. Viewers are free to interpret it as they want – as a tribute to the ubiquitous, and lovely, hexagonal color pencil, which is a blend of simple, locally available materials with high tech, custom designed interface part, which represents new internet-friendly production model.

Designer Dutchman Michiel Cornelissen has created this wonderful piece that can work as a fruit holding bowl or a pencil holder depending what you want it to be. The base is made from laser sintered polyamide. Combine any set of 36 standard hexagonal pencils of about 7.0 mm cross and you are done with it. Besides working as bowl or pencil holder, it adds colors to the place.