July 12, 2012 Bharat

Most would say communication is the easiest thing possible given the different types of communication devices we have at hand these days. But ask a deaf, a mute or a deaf-mute how difficult communication can get for them, particularly when very few people understand sign language. Enable Talk by Ukrainian team QuadSquad, a finalist at the Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is perhaps an inexpensive answer to this communication problem for people who communicate using sign language. (more…)

July 7, 2012 Bharat

We are in the world where augmenting human experience through wearable technology has become a norm. Face-to-face communication has taken a back seat and we are looking for newer ways to express our emotions and expressions in day-to-day communication. Considering this, Metti Nordin and Valtteri Wikström had devised a thinking cap for the Wearable Electronics course at Aalto Media Factory. (more…)