Low-cost head mounted device developed to write messages with eyes

July 13, 2012 Bharat Gear

Eye movement is often retained in perfect condition in patients with spinal injuries and neural problems, therefore an eye-tracking device to help such patients communicate better could really be a boon. Thus, to provide a low-cost solution, researchers from Imperial College London have developed a binocular eye-tracker that tracks gaze position in 3D. The head mounted device that’s made up of materials costing $30 can assist the user in writing messages and playing Pong using eye movement only.

The eyewear that has been tested to function to near perfection with only 10 minutes of practice offers 120 Hz sampling rate with a 0.5–1 degree of visual angle resolution. The eye tracker comprises a pair of sunglasses and two video console cameras that are made to track the wearer’s pupil and thus assist him to control the cursor to write or move a paddle to play Pong.

We’ve previously eye tracking system dubbed EyeWriter, which can be used by paraplegics to write messages, but this one here is more refined eye tracking device – given the fact that it could be used to carry out even more complex tasks down the line.

Via: PhsyOrg/Engadget