Designer contrives a weight reducing smart gear for postal workers

October 29, 2012 Admin Accessories

It may come as a bit of a shocker, but on a daily average a postal worker handles around a whopping 250 kgs of mail. To put things into perspective, that is actually more than four times the average human mass (which stands at 62 kgs). And, of course because of the manual handling of such high weight ratios, many of our ever friendly postmen go through serious health issues like carpal tunnel syndromes. In this regard, design student Doris Feurstein has contrived her very own innovative solution for postmen, in the form an exclusive body gear for lessening the overall weight impact.

Christened aptly as ‘Delivery with Joy’, this smart gear aid consists of two distinct components. The first component is the smart glove for protecting the hands and fingers. This glove comprises of a tightening support that restricts over-extension of the wrist, thus reducing strain on the fingers including the thumb. This glove component is also ingeniously furnished with a ratchet system that is placed on the underside of the arm. Connected to the fingers by three different wires, the ratchet comes in handy for holding on to light stuff like letter piles.

The second component of the smart gear consists of the body aid. Technically, it is a light weight mail bag whose positioning behind the shoulders can be customized according to the postal worker’s convenience. The light weight in itself allows for an ergonomic positioning, while the bag also possesses a clickable sliding mechanism that allows for its easy front to back (and vice versa) transference.

Via: CargoCollective