10 Stylish Face Masks to see You Through Covid-19 pandemic

June 23, 2020 Monika Thakur Gear

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread

To flatten the rising COVID-19 curve and stop community spread, we all have to follow certain protective measures, like physical or social distancing, washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizers, and wearing face masks. Several health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has been encouraging everyone to wear masks whenever they go out in public.

But people are often confused about which type of face mask to purchase for avoiding transmission of the novel coronavirus when they are in public. Before we discuss the various COVID-19 face masks, let’s find out why it’s necessary to wear face makes in the first place.

Why do face masks matter?

The new coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is the highly contagious virus with the largest amount of viral transmission. So, people may be contagious even before they start showing the symptoms. Moreover, as per the scientific models, up to 80-percent of transmission stems from the symptomatic carriers of the virus.

Emerging research has suggested that using face masks may help in limiting the transmission of this virus by people who are not even aware they might be infected with the coronavirus. Therefore, it’s important to wear proper face masks every time you step out of your house or have visitors coming over to your place.

Here’s a list of the 10 stylish and breathable face masks to curb the spread of germs and viruses:

Adidas Face Cover

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: Adidas

Buy: £12.95 (approx. $16)

Adidas Face Cover is not medical grade, but it can surely prevent the spread of viruses and germs through droplet transmission. It a very soft and breathable mask that’s crafted with different layers of recycled polyester and elastane along with stretchable ear straps for a comfortable yet tight fit.

Featuring white logo stamp on the lower left side with words “Wash.Dry.Reuse,” this is likely to be a great everyday face mask for users. It comes in a pack of three, so you can purchase it all for yourself, or give other two face masks to your family members.

Under Armour US Sportsmask

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: Under Armour

Buy: $30

This face mask has been designed particularly for athletes to offer them enough air to breathe while indulging in work out sessions. The mask is crafted to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets by the wearer, hence enables athletes to train safely and comfortably outdoors.

The mask is made from lightweight spacer fabric, brand’s Iso-Chill fabric treated with PROTX2 (anti-microbial technology to inhibit bacterial growth), and breathable open-cell foam. It is also reusable and water-resistant, as well as features a moldable nose bridge to secure the face in place. Meanwhile, the mask mitigates proper airflow to the eyes preventing your glasses from fogging up.

New Balance NB Face Mask V3

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: New Balance

Buy: $25

The triple layer NB face mask V3 is created after the feedback from R&D and medical institutions in New England. It comprises a moldable nose piece along with triple-layer polyurethane filtration foam, a three-layer combination of polyester/TPU, nylon tricot, and suede polyester fabric. This mask is lightweight, non-sterile, durable, and breathable at the same time. You can easily secure it using the over-ear looks and conveniently launder after use.

Reebok Face Cover

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: Reebok

Buy: $20

Reebok’s new face cover takes the face masks to another level. It is the brand’s effort to spark innovation while supporting health and wellness for the athletic community. These face covers come in a pack of three and are easily washable for reuse. These masks are created in collaboration with the expert analysis from Dr. Emily Krauss, clinical assistant professor at Stanford Children’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center.

Marine Serre and Airinum Urban Air Mask 2.0

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: SSense

Buy: $295

Marine Serre and Airinum have launched their Urban Air Mask 2.0 with a one-size-fits-all design. It is a technical jersey mask that’s marked all black along with contrasting crescent moon motifs.

It features matching elasticized straps at the side to work in unison with the adjustable and elasticized head strap. The face mask is completed with a bonded logo in white. Each mask will come with two exhalation valves and two changeable filters that are tested to have 98-percent efficiency against virus particles down to 0.3?m in size.

COEVO Healthy Project Face Mask

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: COEVO

Buy: $49

Seoul-based retailer COEVO has created a special mask and hand sanitizer combination. Dubbed the “Healthy Project,” their special range is designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of personal protective gear to a higher standard.

Created with 3D design software like Clo along with 3D Max and Cinema 4d design tools, the designers have come up with innovative material for the mask. The mask has high filtration capacity, as well as retains low breathing resistance with its two-layer MACLOWLY breathable and water repellent nylon rip-stop surface. Furthermore, the breathing valve is made with a food-grade silicone disk and the freely adjustable elastic cord makes it comfortable to wear.

305SQUASH Face Mask

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: 305SQUASH

Buy: £7.99 (approx. $10)

This squash-themed face mask by World No. 26 Daryl Selby and squash clothing brand 305SQUASH is another useful gear to prevent the spread of coronavirus. A part of its sales will go towards the PSA foundation “We Are One Fund”. This mask has been launched for supporting the professional squash players who are lately facing both financial and emotional issues due to the impact of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Tekto’s Takta Mask

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: Tekto

Buy: $50

Tekto’s Takta mask is not a conventional face mask that you wear and wash. It is designed with an impenetrable barrier between the in-air particulates and the wearer. It is FDA approved with five-layer technology, adjustable velcro straps, and dual exhalation valves.

The mask also provides a sealed fit to help deter germs, dust, and other viral inhibitors with its complex filtration system. All thanks to the proprietary PP layer, two electro-charged layers, and an inside the PP layer, the mask promotes a comfortable skin-like finish. Needless to say, this mask has one of the most advanced barriers and perfect for an avid operator or common citizen seeking an everyday mask.

Atoms Everyday Mask

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: Atoms

Buy: $12

Atoms Everyday Mask is an aesthetic and sleek choice, offering protection again germs and viruses. It is designed with medical-grade materials for healthcare professionals and even for the masses. The mask has been made from a combination of polyester, PU, and nylon, as well as the copper-fused thread that is known for having antimicrobial properties that can last for up to 30 washes. The mask will serve as a style upgrade over other fabric options.

GIR Reusable Silicone Face Mask

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: GIR

Buy: $15

While many companies have designed various fabric face masks, GIR has created this reusable mask with pharmaceutical-grade silicone. This material is very easy to clean – you can easily clean this face mask with a simple hand wash, in a dishwasher, or by boiling to sanitize it in microwave.

The mask is also disposable. With its 99.7% BFE, >95% PFE filters, the mask will provide you great protection against airborne viruses. While you can wear it like any other face mask, its plastic clip offers you a more secure fit, unlike other fabric masks.

Why avoid exercising/playing while wearing a mask?

10 COVID-19 Face Masks to Prevent the Community Spread
Image: Pinterest

Wearing a face mask could be dangerous because breathing is faster and harder when you’re playing a sport or exercising. This makes it difficult to inhale enough air to perform tasks at the highest levels.

While wearing a surgical mask can improve resistance to airflow, exercises invariably lead to faster and harder breaths. Therefore, wearing a mask during a workout session or playing a sport can strain the airflow. The problem occurs usually during heavy exercises that need air intake at the rate of around 40-100 liters per minute.

When we indulge in heavy exercises, our muscles also produce lactic acid that causes a burning sensation in the body. It is further converted into carbon dioxide that’s released when you exhale. But when you wear a mask, the outflow of carbon dioxide is trapped within the mask. So, when you move from moderate to heavy exercises, you are rebreathing the exhaled carbon dioxide that can further reduce the cognitive function while increasing your breathing rate.

Due to this, there can be less oxygen supply to your organs. So, it’s important to have a better understanding of the limitations of heavy exercises when wearing a mask. Although these companies have come up with special face masks for athletes, and fitness enthusiasts; you must still take adequate precautions and only use a mask recommended by the physicist for exercising or sports.