Amphipod introduces LED gear for runners & athletes who train in the dark

November 20, 2012 Gaurav Sood Gear

Autumn-winter is the time when many runners have to train in the dark, which leads to additional inconvenience and discomfort, primarily making it very dangerous while running on the sides of highways/ motorways and become prone to motor-vehicle road accidents. Amphipod is a company that makes wearable gear for people who are into sports and now Amphipod has come up with gear that helps runners in the above mentioned conditions with the help of LED lights; mounted on to wearable gear. Amphipod has paid great attention to low visibility problem in the dark and has in its arsenal a great range of accessories to increase the visibility of the athlete(s).

There are a set of two LED Clip-On Reflectors that can go to almost any part of your wardrobe, whether it is a cap, a jacket or belt. A nice magnetic clasp reflector securely and perfectly fulfills its function. The Clip-On Reflectors are equipped with a bright red LED which can be clearly seen in the dark and costs only US$ 20.

You can also illuminate your path while jogging with the help of a Swift-Clip Cap Light that costs US$ 15, and is an easy-mounting visor cap powered with batteries. Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light is lightweight, easy to operate, can operate in continuous light and strobe mode. Strobe mode is useful if you do not intend to keep a continuous flow of light flashing while running or climbing.

For those who lack the usual accessories, the company offers to try Amphipod vest Xinglet Flash LED. The Amphipod Xinglet Flash LED has a unique strapping design making it virtually weightless. The strap-vest is bright green in color and light is reflected from the surface of the entire vest (making it prominently visible to drivers), in addition the front and rear parts have red LEDs. The Amphipod Xinglet Flash LED vest will make you appear most prominent, thus making safe from accidents on the road. The Vest is priced at US$ 45.

Via- Gearshout