15 Minute Friends: Three Cheetahs and an Antelope

January 30, 2010 Gaurav Sood News

Cheetahs are one of the most dangerous among the Cats. They can run with amazing speed and their body is build for the Kill. They can even climb on the trees to get their victim.

Every Cat is dangerous when hungry but what if they are fueled. Here is an interesting story of these four 15 minute friends.

Cheetahs hunt either early in the morning or late afternoon when the day heat is minimum saving effort level and cover from the tiring heat. After every kill Cats need rest and this is the secret of antelope’s survival. Inspite of hunting, cheetahs were interested taking a round of play to digest their food after the hunt.

“Michel Denis-Huot, who captured these amazing pictures on safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara in October last year, said he was astounded by what he saw.”
These brothers were living together since last 18 months. They met a group of impala who ran away. But one youngster was not quick enough to escape and the cheetah brothers caught it easily.

Leaving one tense moment, when one of the brothers tried to bite the youngster under the neck, youngster was lucky enough to get an escape.

cheetahs antelope

Via : Dailymail