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Wear your sunglasses not just for sun-ban but HD recording too

HD video recording sunglasses (2)

Have you ever imagined of wearing sunglasses which can record videos for you? If there were any, it would simply eliminate the need of carrying a video recording camera and I must be kidding! No, actually I am not, because Hammacher Schlemmer have brought sunglasses that not only record videos but record them in high definition (HD). These polarized sunglasses record high-definition video right from the wearer’s point of view. There is a pinhole-sized 720p lens in the bridge of the frame that can captures 1280 x 720 HD video at 35 fps across a 72 degree wide angle. The...

Oticon Intiga smallest fully wireless hearing aid doubles as invisible Bluetooth headset

Oticon Intiga smallest fully wireless hearing aid

Do you have a hearing problem and have been avoiding a hearing aid just because it looks so tacky sitting behind the ear. Well then, Intiga by Oticon is surely the device for you – it’s the smallest fully wireless hearing aid ever created that also features Bluetooth and can double up as a hands free headset when needed. The device is specifically designed in an organic shape, which follows the physical formation of the ear to fit comfortably behind it, so much so that the device is literally invisible on the ear, yet it delivers premium sound quality that...

Low-cost head mounted device developed to write messages with eyes

eye-tracking device

Eye movement is often retained in perfect condition in patients with spinal injuries and neural problems, therefore an eye-tracking device to help such patients communicate better could really be a boon. Thus, to provide a low-cost solution, researchers from Imperial College London have developed a binocular eye-tracker that tracks gaze position in 3D. The head mounted device that’s made up of materials costing $30 can assist the user in writing messages and playing Pong using eye movement only.

Clash of the Titans – New trailer

Clash of the Titans – New trailer

If you have seen the original Clash of the Titans (1981), then there is no need to explain why we are waiting for the new era version of the movie.  With almost same plot, the special effects going to be tremendous.  The new trailer of the movie is out and it looks good.

Wonderful slow motion videos of lighting

Wonderful slow motion videos of lighting

There is no equavalent to the beauty of nature in mechanical human world. What machine can do is to capture this beauty, likeTom Warner has done. Have a look at the wonderful images of lightning, which he captured with an array of optical and electromagnetic sensors, and a Vision Research ‘Phantom’ high-speed camera.