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3D printed Exoskeleton shoes look scary but impressive too

These high heeled shoes surely do look as if they are made for some sci-fi movie but they are not. Designed by Janina Alleyne, UK fashion footwear designer, these pair of high heels are called as the Exoskeleton shoes. Created using 3D printing technology in two pieces, upper and lower, the shoes were then later on joined together to form one piece of eye popping style that looks more like some alienated footwear that is made from exotic animal skeletal. There are teeth like Skelton structures on the toe and on the upper part there are exotic spikes to compliment...

Eating Scorpions and drinking Cobras’ blood

You must have watched reality shows on TV, which offer a huge price money  for doing wired tasks like eating cockroaches, snails, and lying among creepy insects. However, are you brave enough put a Scorpion in your mouth and drink the blood of Cobra, the deadliest snake on earth? These soldiers seem to be more deadly to me than any insect or animal on earth.