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20 Animals you’ll find luckier than you

After going through this list you might feel that these animals are far luckier than you are. Some of them just staring and other are on them. That’s not done guys. You should get a chance too and I am sure you will do anything for those juicy boobs. Oh really? Are you ready to be her pet?

Searching bombs with naked hands

Rock climbing and scuba diving might be daring tasks for you. But I think searching for bombs is something which you would never like to try. Have a look at these members of a bomb detection squad searching for explosive without any high-tech equipments. A blast can tore them into pieces. How does it sounds?

Fascinating animal photos

Nature and animals always fascinates us. Wildlife photographers sometimes click the button at perfect moments and the result is some really amazing pictures. Here are few such images.

Optical Wall Illusion

The creator of this illusion calls it an anamorphic, time traveling DeLorean, which he made in his basement. This optical ‘Wall Illusion’ was made with the help of a painter’s tape and elbow grease. Have a look at the pictures below and you will surely appreciate the work.