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Memento is the future of collection of your precious memories

Memories are one of the most precious things that make us living being. Past affects the present, and present affects the future. Being so, someone conceived the idea of storing these memories in a way that’s almost as alive as our memories. You can call ‘Memento’ a sort of communicating device that will help you keep alive your personal history. Memories are stored in multitude of data in which they are saved and then form multi sensory stories to tell in times ahead. The nano-hinges on a textile screen made it a conceivable idea for the designer.

Avatar iceberg sinks Titanic

There are not too many motion pictures that were as much successful to leave a mark on memory. If I remember there are a few one like Kung-fu-Panda, Iceage, and Transformers etc, but did anyone think of a historic motion picture?