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Track your vitals and movements just by wearing Amiigo bracelet

Jump, run, hop, dance or just relax for now, you can monitor your vitals & track your movements just by wearing a wrist band & shoe clip. You must be thinking that if this was true, why would the world invest in hefty digital-mechanical computerized machinery for knowing all the above? But luckily, the former is very true and in your hands. Amiigo has launched wrist bands with shoe clips which not only looks trendy and beautiful but are also imbedded with digital motion & vital sensors.

Forget gym and try the O2 Magnetic Dumbbells to make muscles anywhere and everywhere!

We all love to see ourselves as lean, muscular and in shape and the most appealing parts of the human body are chest and biceps. But making those guns look bigger is not easy! One has to pump a lot of iron and have an excellent proteinaceous diet to make muscles stronger and bigger so that we are healthy and aesthetically appealing to all. To help guys and the women folk workout in a better way than traditional gym training, Mr. Suhyun Yoo has devised electro-magnetic dumbbells called the O2 MAGNETIC DUMBBELLS which are ideal for working out at any...

Internet arrives at gym with Visioweb

Antigravity treadmill by from the house of the AlterG is a major breakthrough in fitness equipment industry. Technogym is another esteemed name in the same field that has added another feather to the same cap by introducing ‘ Visioweb,’ a new digital platform that provides the thrill of connecting to the web while burning some calories at gym. The new idea gives you an interactive training session, i.e. you can communicate with your online friends and promote your business, stream some music and play them via iPod while doing some workout. An integrated touch-screen display mounted on front bar of...