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Freeze Flex: Fabric-based iced warp around for ailing limbs

Do you struggle applying ice packs when hurt, just because they are very cold and don’t really stay in place for an extended period? Enter Freeze Flex – a one stop solution to all your problems. The Freeze Flex is a novel gel-filled ice pack with fabric body which guards your skin from being too cold it also has triangular patterns that contour to the natural curves of the human body.

Recycled waste made fire-resistant fabric is an eco-friendly safety solution

Environmentally friendly fabrics and clothing cannot be strong, this is one myth I had grown up with, but Victor Group – specialists in apparels has turned the truth onto my face with their latest introduction dubbed the Ecoshield. As the name suggests, this new fabric is fire-resistant and environmentally friendly, made specifically for protective clothing for workers and individuals involved in works dealing with fire. Ably meeting all security standards, the Ecoshield, which is first fabric comprising post-consumer recycled aramid fabric waste is more comfy than the virgin aramid products and offers protection at par with the virgin fabrics.

T-shirt fabric converted into source of electrical power for smartphones

Flexible electronics are the future we are steadily heading towards, we will one day have regular electronics rolled up in our pockets. But before that we’ll need flexible batteries to meet the flexible displays being made these days. To make the future real, researchers at the University of South Carolina have converted a cotton T-shirt fabric into an electrical power source which behaves as a flexible supercapacitor.