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Sustainable ST- bracelet concept becomes a blessing when you have to visit a doctor

Since 2003, Shih Chien University – located in New Taipei City, Taiwan – has bagged about eleven design awards. This year too, the institution has something new to show that has been appreciated by thousands and has fetched them iF design award 2012. Named ST-bracelet, the concept is innovative, unique, purposeful, time-saving, and sustainable too. It beats all common bracelets especially at the times when you have to visit your doctor or go to a nearby hospital for a regular check-up. In the category of wearable technology, ST- bracelet is a great concept that defines flexible display with purpose and...

World’s first self-chilling can chills beer at touch of a button in two minutes

Being out on a beach party, I often forget to carry an ice box or a small freezer as a result being forced to have lukewarm beer to spoil the mood. This is a scenario with most of us, most of the time, but it may stand to change for you, if you are in the UK i.e., with the Chillcan. This self-chilling can to go on sale in the UK later this year, with a push of a button turns lukewarm beer to ice cold drink in two minutes. Yes, our woes seem answered!

M-Org – Organic Bike concept by Smolyanov Michael V

M-Org – Organic Bike concept by Smolyanov Michael V

Designer Smolyanov Michael V has come out with something different other than usual environment friendly technologies. His Organic Bike, as the name suggests, is entirely made from organic material. In a way, he suggests growing all the parts like suspension, steering, frame, and other components organically. The materials is not only eco-friendly, but also very light in weight and stronger than usual.

Cool garden ball made from reclaimed marbles

A reclaimed bowling ball and lots of marbles, which are no longer of any use, can create a perfect decorative piece for your garden. This marble ball is an excellent example of how discarded things can give you aesthetic pleasure. It will withstand any whether and will not roll down as the base is empty. The maker is available if you want to shop one and you can even order a piece according to your taste of colors and size.