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Pebble – Advanced and stylish Car Security System

As compared to Pebble, the existing car security systems in the market are not much easier and stylish to use. Pebble works on sliding up – down system. An upside push on the top is used to unlock whereas downward push is used to lock the system.

Racing Rolls-Royce in Andrew Chirkova’s style

These concept images just depict Andrew Chirkova’s desire to experiment on a racing car Rolls-Royce with a mid-engine layout. As it’s just a concept, not much has been said about the technical specifications; but no doubt, it’s a fabulous treat for those who love sport cars. You can check out the designer portfolio with some first words about the inspiration.

Spy shots of new 225mph Murcielago hypercar

These spy shots of new 225mph Murcielago hypercar seem to be indicating that Lamborghini is trying to get its reputation back which it has enjoyed among supercars. As per the information, the new model boasts of a brand new 7.0-litre V12 engine, rumoured to have between 700-720bhp. Further, maker has switched to carbon fiber body, which is speculated to have reduced its weigh up to 150 kg. That means, the new Lamborghini will be about 1500 kg and believe me, this is going to give it a great acceleration. The power-to-weight ratio of around 470bhp per tonne leaves no doubts...

Russia to develop secret Bucket Rover

Russians can’t be underestimated in any field and if you are, then let me tell you are making a big mistake. The latest news is that they are going to develop a Bucket Rover. I could only manage to get some images and don’t know about the specification. After looking at images, it seems that it has capacity of two passengers and meant to be used on earth only. Aerodynamics seems be ignored, don’t know why, and car looks a complete replica of a dust bin. It’s almost impossible for me to understand the mechanical part included in the backside,...

DIY Hot Rod based on a 1934 Ford Roadster

I know nothing about the maker and how did he do this, but only that this old roaders has got a new life. It looks fresh and shiny giving a vintage look. Other than this, what details are available are that it’s based on a 1934 Ford Roadster and 1934 Dodge headlights have been converted to halogen bulbs with high and low beam. The maker seems to be familiar with automotive engineering and his skill needs no proof as this beautiful piece of work stand before us. Enjoy the images.

Lamborghini Vault concept – Style and speed redefined

Ahmad Moslemi, an Iranian automotive designer, has found scope of making the Lamborghini even better. With some changes, the Lamborghini Vault seems more stylish and charming. Don’t get too much excited as it’s only a concept. But with shorten height, double movable steps included on each side of the windscreen, and alteration in the front part that has been decreased, the vehicle looks fantastic. The door gives way in two steps – first the glass ceiling moves up and secondly the door itself moves to open.

Delta Wing Racer – Adorable Fancy

It’s not the next batmobile. It looks like next IndyCar Batmobile Rocket Ship. It has only 300 HP and has many advantages as compared to present technology. The lightweight of the vehicle and controlled airflow mechanism make this wired looking vehicle a speedy monster. Can you believe that the entire vehicle weighs only 1000 lbs.? Thanks to the lightweight and the advanced aerodynamics. It is only a concept, but Indycar is investing to bring it on the road. Whatever be the final result, the fancy of the designer is worth appreciation. Enjoy the photographs and video given below.