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Mind reading helmet will help US military pick the right enemy

How easy would it be if you were a platoon leader on the border and you had all the people trying to cross the border rounded up and by simply putting a helmet on each one of them you could classify who is a friend and who is a foe? Well, this is what a company called Veritas Scientific is trying to do by developing mind reading helmets for the U.S. Military. Veritas is working on a motorcycle-type helmet embedded with metal brush sensors that’ll peek into a person’s brain and read his brain activity as images, which will be...

Thinking cap lights up your emotions on the head to communicate

We are in the world where augmenting human experience through wearable technology has become a norm. Face-to-face communication has taken a back seat and we are looking for newer ways to express our emotions and expressions in day-to-day communication. Considering this, Metti Nordin and Valtteri Wikström had devised a thinking cap for the Wearable Electronics course at Aalto Media Factory.