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Heart shaped cake, Cupcakes and Cookies – Art that will make you vomit

Heart shaped cake, Cupcakes and Cookies – Art that will make you vomit

You will definitely love this cake if you are either a cardiac surgeon or a Zombie. For a normal human being, it will be a very hard task to put it in the mouth, no matter how rational he/she is. It’s nothing more than a cake made from blood red cream cheese and every possible effort has been made to make it look like a real human heart with flesh and blood.

Scary Terry’s Computer Controlled Coffin

What will be your reaction if you find a coffin in your graveyard and as you go closer, it opens with groaning sounds and from midst of fog appears Elvis? Sure you will cry, but with joy or horror? Well, the ‘Kitchen Sink Coffin’ is what I am talking about. No, it has nothing to do with kitchen sink and I didn’t find any logic either. Let’s get straight to the point. According to Scary Terry’s, it was inspired from WickedBeernut’s (WBN’s) Computer Controlled Coffin, which might be having a story behind too. A pre-programmed electronic coffin might give help...

Man with 11 fingers – OMG!

Well, I can’t explain it as it’s not meant to be explained. I loved the visual treat and hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Zombie Survival Transportation

I love to watch zombie movies, but throw them out of my mind once the movie ends. However, somewhere in the mind, the impressions make home and force me to fancy about the possibilities of happening all those scenes in real world. Yes, I mean Zombies in our world. Then, all those weapons and vehicles I had seen in movie occur to me as means of survival. I don’t think there is much possibility of Zombie attack, but still I have something for you that you should consider in case of a Zombie attack. I am serious and this guy...

Fascinating animal photos

Nature and animals always fascinates us. Wildlife photographers sometimes click the button at perfect moments and the result is some really amazing pictures. Here are few such images.

Real life Spider-Man uses vacuum cleaners to climb walls

While watching spider man I have always wished for such powers. But, I satisfied myself with an argument saying “It happens only in movies. These are just special effects”. However, Mr. Jem Stansfield, an enterprising scientist, did not believe in such limitations, rather believes in putting the fancy of mind into reality. He managed to climb up a 30 ft wall in a spider-man style. He did this with the help of vacuum gloves or pads he had prepared himself. No high-tech machinery was used. He attached two vacuum cleaners to a back pack and created suction in the attached...

Screwing the Dead – WTF?

The idea is to prepare a coffin that can be buried without a pit. It looks like a screw shaped box that can drill its way through the surface of the earth either with the help of a machine of by hands. My reaction is “what the hell is wrong with you guys. Can’t you let it be as it is?” What’s yours?

WTF news of the year – 7 year old girl titled as the sexiest lady of Brazil Carnival

The world is full of colors. There is nothing that can define the limit of strangeness. There are many occasions when you can’t help saying “WTF?” and that’s what happened with me when I heard about the sexiest lady of the Brazil Carnival. Like every year the Queen of the festival was announced, who is of course, considered to be the sexiest girl of the Carnival. However, when a 7 year old girl is given this title, it is obvious to get an odd feeling. It’s true. This year’s sexiest lady, the queen of the carnival, is a 7 year...

WTF does it mean?

These panties have messages for you. If you could interpret them, please let me know.