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Get along your giant spoons to lick on the Melting Ice Cream Truck

Very few design houses have actually managed to gain repute in creating engaging and dramatic sculptures, which have really appealed with the masses and The Glue Society is one such name. Glue Society’s Melting Ice Cream Truck sculpture that won them $5,000 in prize money at the annual Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition is an installation that’s taken The Glue Society to a new high. At first however, to my critic eye the Melting Ice Cream Truck seemed waste, but then I look at my giant spoon, I thought, why not! Is anyone of you coming?

Optical Wall Illusion

The creator of this illusion calls it an anamorphic, time traveling DeLorean, which he made in his basement. This optical ‘Wall Illusion’ was made with the help of a painter’s tape and elbow grease. Have a look at the pictures below and you will surely appreciate the work.

Swimming nose-to-nose with a giant Whale

Love speaks only one language and that is trust. Perhaps that’s why this guy, Andrew Armour, is swimming besides a giant Whale. I don’t know how, but there is some sort of bond between these two. Take a look at the gallery and I bet you’ll envy the guy.

Bizarre images created by the flocks of starlings

Human can use imagination to create great pieces of art. However, they seek inspiration from the nature. But, nature needs no inspiration. Have a look at these images formed by the flocks of starlings – giant, changing shape, and the most, these have no equivalent in the museums built by human.