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Why we need an Invisibility Cloak?

No wonder why scientists are going crazy for inventions that were even hard to imagine for humanity. Science is the result of our natural curiosity. Those who follow it, comes out with stunning secrets of nature. All the power lies in front of our eyes held in the firm hands of nature. But now we are up to snatching it from the most appropriate owner and utilize for our recreation or destruction. Invisibility cloak is not far from us. Scientists from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and Imperial College London have successfully tested their cloak on an object and...

Craziest ride in an amazing simulator

Craziest ride in an amazing simulator

It’s the weekend and it’s the time for some fun. What are your plans? What is the most wired and adventures activity you can do? If you need some inspiration then have a look at this guy riding that really rocking simulator. I know nothing about the making and technical specification of this machine, but just that it will be really fun to play a video game on that thing.

A Must watch Too Shall Pass – Lego Rube Goldberg video

A Must watch Too Shall Pass – Lego Rube Goldberg video

Guys I have a splendid show for you. For short introduction it’s a Lego Rube Goldberg in new OK Go video. Rest of it is meant to be watched and not to be explained in words. So don’t waste time and check out the video.

Clearest images of Corona ever taken during solar eclipse

Here are few spectacular images of the corona, the outer magnetic field of sun, which is in the form of a shell of super-hot gas. It is hard to imagine a temperature of around 2,000,000c in general and much harder to see it due to unbearable brightness. But, the eclipse hunter Miloslav Druckmuller provided these stunning images which he took on the Marshall Islands in July 2009.

20 Animals you’ll find luckier than you

After going through this list you might feel that these animals are far luckier than you are. Some of them just staring and other are on them. That’s not done guys. You should get a chance too and I am sure you will do anything for those juicy boobs. Oh really? Are you ready to be her pet?

Man with 11 fingers – OMG!

Well, I can’t explain it as it’s not meant to be explained. I loved the visual treat and hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Fancies of mind put into images

Fancy of mind finds outlet in many ways and art is one of them. Sometimes it says so much to us through images and sculptures that we need no textual description. On other times, an image means nothing but what you find in it through your eyes biased by your deep hidden impressions in unconscious mind. Go through the following images and find out what you have hidden inside the dark chambers of your mind.