Shoulder-mounted wearable robot enhances augmented reality experience

We want our cameras and robots to wearable so that we can see a whole new world of augmented reality from their eyes. While Microsoft is doing something of sorts with their shoulder-mount multitouch Kinect-powered projector that converts any surface into a gesture-sensing display, here we have a wearable robot concept from Active Vision Laboratory, which explores larger environments automatically viewing augmented reality on objects of interest. The wearable robot assistant comprises a shoulder mounted self stabilizing active camera and a handheld touch screen display.

Air-conditioned Cooling Pants will keep you fresh below the belt area

On those hot humid days when you like you could just walk naked on the streets to let the air cool down your body the option comes with its own downsides and feasibility issues too. So it’s better you get one of these air-conditioned pants which help you keep cool even on the most hot and humid days that sap the energy out of you. Kuchofuku Air-conditioned Cooling Pants from Japan have built-in battery powered cooling fans that keep you cool from the belt down and yes comfortable too.

Nike’s reflective jacket will make medal winning Olympians glow with every click

A performance apparel making way to the Olympics is Nike’s 21st C. Windrunner V – a reflective jacket made in collaboration with renowned artist Marcus Gaab. You’ll ask why do we need a jacket with highly reflective properties at Olympics, isn’t it best for nighttime activities like running to riding a bike? I agree, but Nike with its more of an athletic-type apparel wants to make the Nike sponsored medal winners in London to shine brighter than the others.

Pollution sensing jacket lights up LEDs to warn you of hazardous air quality

Men have not been graced with the best in wearable technology yet, but it’s not the case anymore. Dutch design duo Nieuwe Heren have designed a really innovative men’s jacket that will combat against the dangerous air pollution in urban environments. Dubbed the Aegis Parka the jacket uses sensors to detect common air pollutants like alcohol, Benzene, smoke, NH3, Nox and CO2 and warns the wearer by illuminating the embedded LEDs when pollutants reach dangerous levels. More the level of pollution more LEDs illuminate.

Now a T-shirt you can wear for months without washing

The gravest issue with clothing that we adorn today is that you have to wash it over and over again, now how about a T-shirt you need to wash only once a year? Wow right! Well, that’s what Rab has got our way with its MeCo 120 T-shirt. Crafted out of materials with anti-microbial and anti-stink properties the MeCo shirt has been tested in the sever conditions and its sweat soaking capabilities have been commendable. The T-shirt gets its anti-stink properties from the blend of merino wool and recycled polyester with Cocona technology.

GAUNTLET keyboard glove lends you one handed typing capability for any Bluetooth device

Designed by couple of former design students to solve the problem of typing on smartphone or computer with one hand alone, this DIY wireless typing glove could make it big in the future. Right now in beta stage the project is code named as G.A.U.N.T.L.E.T. (General Accessible Universal Nomadic Tactile Low-power Electronic Typist) which lends people with stroke debilitation or missing hand new opportunity to have a helping hand in literal sense.

Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden 2012 Limited Edition watch has thumping style statement

Nicky Hayden surely burns the tarmac taking the challenge to other fellow Moto GP World Championship drivers. And this time around he is giving the fashion styling industry one more reason to create a timepiece which truly compliments the Moto GP racing spirit and Nicky’s own unique style. The Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden 2012 Limited Edition timepiece is draped in Nicky’s team colors white, red and black truly representing Moto GP’s cool factor. The watch has bicolor ultra-resistant silicone bracelet with a matching red base and to showcase the aerodynamic look, there is a white stripe racing round the bracelet....

Low-cost head mounted device developed to write messages with eyes

Eye movement is often retained in perfect condition in patients with spinal injuries and neural problems, therefore an eye-tracking device to help such patients communicate better could really be a boon. Thus, to provide a low-cost solution, researchers from Imperial College London have developed a binocular eye-tracker that tracks gaze position in 3D. The head mounted device that’s made up of materials costing $30 can assist the user in writing messages and playing Pong using eye movement only.

Enable Talk: Pair of sensory gloves that gives voice to speech impaired

Most would say communication is the easiest thing possible given the different types of communication devices we have at hand these days. But ask a deaf, a mute or a deaf-mute how difficult communication can get for them, particularly when very few people understand sign language. Enable Talk by Ukrainian team QuadSquad, a finalist at the Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is perhaps an inexpensive answer to this communication problem for people who communicate using sign language.

Mind reading helmet will help US military pick the right enemy

How easy would it be if you were a platoon leader on the border and you had all the people trying to cross the border rounded up and by simply putting a helmet on each one of them you could classify who is a friend and who is a foe? Well, this is what a company called Veritas Scientific is trying to do by developing mind reading helmets for the U.S. Military. Veritas is working on a motorcycle-type helmet embedded with metal brush sensors that’ll peek into a person’s brain and read his brain activity as images, which will be...