Enjoy 15 minute facial with aluminum face mask and sweat blemishes and wrinkles away

Women can do anything to look beautiful and Japanese seem to know this quite well, just so well that they have developed a personal Aluminum Facial Spa for women who can now carry out their own steam spa facials in the comforts of their homes just before a dinner with the spouse or a night out with friends. The weird looking face mask fits well on the face and can be fastened around the back of the neck with a velcro strap to stay firm. Japan Trends Shop recommends that the aluminum face mask should be used only for about...

Whisper wearable technology based on small wearable and handheld devices

This all new wearable device and handheld technology called Whisper developed by Thecla Schiphorst & Susan Kozel which is a networked ecosystem comprised of small intelligent devices that truly replicate the wearer’s movement and intention. At most 12 participants can move in and out of the space with their discretion to use the deivces which are embedded into hat, cape, belt or jacket and then transmitted to the central Whisper database or on the floor.

Jumping Jumper motion sensitive skirt that sparkles in the dark with movement

This is a motion sensitive skirt that sparkles in the dark according to the movement of wearer as she makes waves, courtesy some nifty electronics embedded into it. Called as Jumping Jumper the skirt is made by The Intern (e-textile lounge) and showcased by Mieux, a famous model. All the sparkling effect is achieved using Sparkle, accelerometer and around 40 light boards which are connected using two wires thereby reducing the wiring complexities and of course chances of a short circuit.

Sustainable ST- bracelet concept becomes a blessing when you have to visit a doctor

Since 2003, Shih Chien University – located in New Taipei City, Taiwan – has bagged about eleven design awards. This year too, the institution has something new to show that has been appreciated by thousands and has fetched them iF design award 2012. Named ST-bracelet, the concept is innovative, unique, purposeful, time-saving, and sustainable too. It beats all common bracelets especially at the times when you have to visit your doctor or go to a nearby hospital for a regular check-up. In the category of wearable technology, ST- bracelet is a great concept that defines flexible display with purpose and...

Biomimicry shoe that mimics bird’s cranium is created using 3D printing

Inspired by the shape and bone structure of bird skull this Biomimicry shoe is created using 3D printing technique that is becoming ever so popular in fashion industry. This shoe is created by Dutch fashion designer Marieka Ratsma and American architect Kostika Spaho to beautifully portray the skeletal shape of birds while keeping it very lightweight truly signifying the agility, strength and elegance of the bone structure. Clearly inspired by nature this shoe is a result of their creative thinking and also shows how nature can have a defining say in inventive designs that leave us all amazed.

DARPA funded Smart Suit technology that makes you physically fit and increases stamina

While carrying heavy loads in battlefield or combat situations can be a real energy sapper for the soldiers, it would come as a bane if there could be a smart suit that helps improve physical endurance and body’s resistance to injuries. This is exactly what The Wyss Institute for Biologically inspired Engineering at Harvard University is going to do backed up by $2.6 million contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The new wearable technology will considerably delay the onset of fatigue thereby enabling soldiers to perform better in battlefield situations and other important missions.

eSSAGE: Bodysuit allows you to get a refreshing massage over Wi-Fi!

There is absolutely no doubt that wireless technology has changed our lives in ways that we could not have imagined. Add to that the wide array of handheld devices in the form of smartphones and tablets and the world now seems to be constantly ‘on the go’. If everything else is available at your fingertips and swipe of the screen, then why not a relaxing and comforting massage offered by a person on the others side of the globe? That is precisely what designer André Cofield thought when he designed the eSSAGE.

Double Agent Shoes: Carry it concealed in style

All of us have seen those old 70s and 80s spy flicks and ‘Bond’ classics where some very valuable secret information on a piece of paper is carried in the heel of the boots. Just swivel the heel and the tiny little secret compartment is revealed. With the way woman’s fashion and the height of heels is headed these days, you bet one can carry a lot more in the heel of a shoe. And that is precisely what the crazily creative folk at Bellona Fashions have come up with. The Double Agent shoe may not make you one of...

Mobile Music Touch glove is a bane for people suffering from spinal cord injury

A new kind of wireless musical glove has been created by researchers at Georgia Tech for improving the sensation and motor skills in people affected with paralyzing spinal cord injury (SCI) clearly shows how wearable technologies can help change people’s lives. The sensory glove is called as Mobile Music Touch (MMT) and is used in conjunction with piano keyboard to indicate the keys to be played as the vibration in the glove indicates that. In the study experiments conducted over eight weeks with participants suffering from spinal cord injury, project leader Tanya Markow (project leader) noticed considerable improvement as the...

Shoe-mounted controller detects gestures to operate your smartphone secretly

We are all smartphone addicts in some way or the other but our excessive use of phones often makes those around us really pissed. Risk sending an email during a family dinner and your spouse is displeased, try sending a text in a meeting and your boss is almost ready to kill you – but all this is set to change with ShoeSense – a smart motion sensor for your shoes that detects hand gestures to let you operate your smartphone secretly.