Wearable glasses with wide angle cameras for making video calls

CEATEC Japan 2012 has kicked off in a big way and we are geared up for some very interesting new products on display and one of them that stole the show was TV phone glasses prototype by NTT Docomo. It is a headpiece like glasses having seven cameras for capturing the facial image of the person and sending it to the person with whom one is communicating. One of these cameras is on the back side of the headpiece which captures the back side of the person wearing it and there are three ultra-wide cameras on each side of the...

Data glove and head tracking device that uses motion capturing system

Developed by a team of master program Media Direction students at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany this data glove and head tracking device is capable of detecting gestures and track objects using the motion capturing system Vicon. Not only this, the data glove has precise head tracking in virtual environment using 3D glasses for enhanced capabilities. The glove has been build using lilypad and bending sensors for gauging finger movements and for sending the data Bluetooth connectivity is available. To calibrate this whole thing a push button and LED is added so that the user can go back...

Wrist-worn On Track device transmits GPS signals to keep track of Alzheimer’s patients

Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia as it is commonly known is a seriously growing disease amid the aged worldwide. While medics and researchers are developing various pills and ways to facilitate lives of such patients, Havering Council, a borough in east London has devised a way to track Alzheimer’s patients using satellites. They are providing patients with a wrist-worn On Track device which transmits GPS signal tracked by a control center. The Alzheimer’s patients are made to wear the On Track device on their wrists, so that can be tracked if they go missing and their care takers can be informed...

CyberGlove’s MoCap Glove makes motion capture, graphic animations fun

CyberGlove products have amazed us with their quality, ease of use and applications for decades now, and with the introduction of the MoCap Glove by CyberGlove Systems we are in for an all new experience in our graphic animation and motion capturing needs. Backed with experience and technology of the original CyberGlove products the (CyberGlove III) MoCap Glove, designed for rigorous physical mobility, comes with patented HyperSensor technology (18 or 22 flex sensors) making motion capture crisp and more accurate than ever before. Besides this, the MoCap Glove features onboard data storage that allows steady data tracking and faster plug-and-play...

Trink Bluetooth-enabled directional loudspeaker headphones for public spaces

We all like our earphones and headphones because of the ambient sound and great listening experience they offer. But the finest of noise cancelling headphone are best for personal space, when it comes to listening to music in public, where people are conversing with you, these headphones can be a sting, as they block everything coming from the outside word. Enter Trink, a pair of directional loudspeaker headphones with Bluetooth, designed for the James Dyson Award, which do not cut off your relationship with the surroundings.

Oticon Intiga smallest fully wireless hearing aid doubles as invisible Bluetooth headset

Do you have a hearing problem and have been avoiding a hearing aid just because it looks so tacky sitting behind the ear. Well then, Intiga by Oticon is surely the device for you – it’s the smallest fully wireless hearing aid ever created that also features Bluetooth and can double up as a hands free headset when needed. The device is specifically designed in an organic shape, which follows the physical formation of the ear to fit comfortably behind it, so much so that the device is literally invisible on the ear, yet it delivers premium sound quality that...

Clip on your DIY Neurophone and enjoy music inside the head without headphones

About 40 years ago, an inventor by the name of Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone – a device which was a basic radio transmitter that could be picked by the human nervous system, the signals were received by the skin and the brain interpreted them into sound. The reason we didn’t use the Neurophone ever is because of high voltage that it used, which made it dangerous for routine use.

Tokyoflash Kisai Driver Android powered watch is their classy futuristic wrist wrap

Tokyoflash always strives to make watches that are different from the league and inculcating futuristic design cues into them. Working on the same trend Tokyoflash has released Kisai Driver (abbreviation for Driving Revolution), a watch phone running on Google Android operating system and having most of the functions of any standard smartphone. Although there are many other similar watch phone themed watches in the market, Kisai Driver is different as you can attain from the pictures as the design is quite futuristic and upbeat.

iGlasses Ultrasonic Mobility Aid for the blind costs only $120

Mobility aids for people who cannot see clearly or any other such problem comes as a real bane but most of the times they cost on the higher end making it difficult for most people to purchase them. For such people AmbuTech and RNIB has come up with an innovative mobility aid to protect you head and upper body protection with ultrasonic object detection. Called as iGlasses Ultrasonic Mobility Aid, this head mounted device ensures a much more secure pedestrian travel as it detects the object around you vicinity using ultrasonic sensors and the feedback is send back using vibration...

Adidas social media shoe lets athletes receive tweets while on the track

We’re already through the biggest sporting event of the year – the London Olympics 2012. To everyone’s surprise this year’s Olympics has gained more social media coverage than any Olympics event previously. Thus, to celebrate this unparalleled social activity and to match the rapidly growing social activity between the athletes and fans – Adidas, the official sportswear sponsor of the Summer Olympics in London, with designer Nash Money has customized the adiPower Barricade tennis shoe into a social media shoe athletes can wear to tweet while on field.