Memoto 5megapixel wearable camera captures twice a minute of your life

Memoto Lifelogging Camera

On the 28th of April, 2009; there came into existence a funding platform named Kickstarter. Since then, this platform is full of creative, innovative, ambitious and imaginative projects which promise to give new dimensions to the existing technological applications and hardware around us. It’s not just innovative thinking or transformation but a creation of a whole new material that can shape our future for better. That is why; kickstarter has a strong 2.5 million people pledging more than $ 350 million on more than 30 thousand projects, till now. So, among so many ambitious projects, here is one unique and...

Hi Tech LED glasses developed for visually impaired


The capability to see is one of the greatest gifts provided to human beings, but there are many people around the world who either don’t inherit it by birth or might have lost vision due to some mishap. As a solution for any such vision impairment, a team of researchers at Oxford University under the leadership of Dr Stephen Hicks from the Department of Clinical Neuroscience have come up with a set of LED Glasses dubbed as ‘Smart Specs.’

To break the Google Glass, here is Motorola Solutions HC1 wearable computer

Motorola Solutions HC1 wearable computer

If you wish to look strikingly different than a normal digerati, Motorola Solutions has put on sale, a new wearable computer, which can be worn over the head and accessed anytime. Though sadly, not as cool looking as the Google’s Glass, Motorola’s HC1 is based on Kopin’s Golden-i wearable technology, an ideal computer for those who want persistent connectivity and are in telecommunications, defense, aerospace or aviation industry etc. HC1 computer system from Motorola comes with a micro display unit which is suspended in front of the user’s eye, just below the forehead. Powered with 800MHz OMAP, dual-core run Windows...

Wireless EEG headset prototype by Imec, Panasonic and Holst; makes a new mark in neurological diagnosis

Wireless EEG headset prototype by Imec, Panasonic and Holst

It has been around 2 years since the concept of developing a new wireless EEG (Electroencephelograph) and its prototype came into being by a Belgian company, Imec and Voilà. Now after 20 months of research and development, the Belgium based company has announced an 8-Channel, easy-to-set-up wireless headset in collaboration with Panasonic and Holst Centre. The wireless EEG is a further development in the diagnosis of epilepsy and help in finding many neurological anomalies like ADHD etcetera.

Inflatable life preserver T-shirt for toddlers


A team of girls studying at the Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona have come up with an innovative wearable invention for the children aged two to four when they are playing around swimming pool. Named ‘Watawescue,’ it is a cozy and comfortable T-shirt that turns into a life preserver by inflating automatically when it gets soaked into water.

Interestingly illuminated dress that moves with robotic hands!

wearable tech dress 1

It was not too long ago that we showcased the LED-lit Fashion Interaction dress from Gholamali Balouch and now we have another beautifully illuminated dress among us. Or at least that is what we thought when we first laid our eyes on the beautiful ‘Wearable Technology Dress’. But apparently it is a lot more. Designed by Chris Mather of New Zealand, the dress is interesting in more ways than one. Even though the designer does not himself reveal a whole lot about the dress, it apparently has fully functional robotic arms that move the dress along when someone is around...

Le Chal bring together smartphone technology and innovative shoes to help the visually challenged

le chal 1

The most meaningful technological innovations are those that go beyond proving to be descent accessories or fancy gadgets. They are the once that help those in need and even if they can change a few lives for the better, then the purpose of the technological breakthrough is served. Currently being developed by Ducere Technologies and pioneered by Anirudh Sharma, an information technology engineer from India, the ‘Le Chal’ shoes are one of those that could significantly alter and improve the quality of life for the visually challenged. Translating to ‘Take along’, the shoes are a smart combination of the modern...

Yubi Piano you can wear on your wrist


Everyone has zeal to play musical instruments, but it’s hard to play any of the instruments without professional help. Above all these instruments are huge and can’t be carried around anywhere. Especially take an example of a piano, which is massive and complex. You can’t practice playing a piano here and there, but now you can as the ‘Yubi de Piano’ may turn anything around you into a piano.

Light up the dark nights with Fashion Interaction LED-lit Dress

fashion interaction 1

When it comes to lighting up the ramp and stealing the show, one must admit that the design of Gholamali Balouch is as good as any. The ‘Fashion Interaction’ dress is surely going to turn some heads no matter where it goes and the sheer audacity of the design along with the beautiful illumination that it brings make it worthy of all the attention it garners. The dress is basically designed with a 25×25 matrix of LED lights carefully enclosed in three different layers of fabric. The three technical and highly precise layers include a reflector, a softener and a...

ELEV8TE and DV8 Series: Hats and Visor collection that stream music without use of headsets

ELEV8TE Running Hat

One of the biggest nuisances one can encounter is someone who thinks he thinks he or she is so cool that they put in headphones at super high volume and then decide to go out on the road. Not only are such individuals a danger to themselves, but also to everyone around and while we love music as much as the next guy, it simply makes no sense in stripping away the functionally of both your ears when you are outdoors. And the people at RESON8TE along with Swarm have decided to come up with a unique solution that allows...