Searching bombs with naked hands

Rock climbing and scuba diving might be daring tasks for you. But I think searching for bombs is something which you would never like to try. Have a look at these members of a bomb detection squad searching for explosive without any high-tech equipments. A blast can tore them into pieces. How does it sounds?

Drawing a complex illusion yourself

This object seems to be a complex illusion. Isn’t it? Well I can show you how to draw it. Have a look at the GIF image below carefully. You will find it so easy that you will wonder why it looks so complex. This is because this object is not complex; rather it’s our mind that makes things the way they appear to us.

Fancies of mind put into images

Fancy of mind finds outlet in many ways and art is one of them. Sometimes it says so much to us through images and sculptures that we need no textual description. On other times, an image means nothing but what you find in it through your eyes biased by your deep hidden impressions in unconscious mind. Go through the following images and find out what you have hidden inside the dark chambers of your mind.

How much do you know about flickr stats?

Flickr is one of the most famous photo sharing website and every day it provides you fresh stock of new uploads. However, have you ever tried to find out what is the ratio of various types of uploads? If you are curious then have a look at the stats revealed below on flickr itself. Via: Flickr

Fascinating animal photos

Nature and animals always fascinates us. Wildlife photographers sometimes click the button at perfect moments and the result is some really amazing pictures. Here are few such images.

Fully loaded DIY Six Rotor RC Helicopter

Watching clever and high-tech machines in sci-fi movies is fun. Isn’t it? There are many instances when I realized that these movies always hint at the technology that is being developed inside the laboratories. Watching this six rotor helicopter reminds me of something similar. The creator has built an excellent flying machine equipped with GPS and a camera. I know, right now you are thinking of a spying machine that will fly over your neighbor s backyard. Well, there can be other meaningful uses too.

Real life Spider-Man uses vacuum cleaners to climb walls

While watching spider man I have always wished for such powers. But, I satisfied myself with an argument saying “It happens only in movies. These are just special effects”. However, Mr. Jem Stansfield, an enterprising scientist, did not believe in such limitations, rather believes in putting the fancy of mind into reality. He managed to climb up a 30 ft wall in a spider-man style. He did this with the help of vacuum gloves or pads he had prepared himself. No high-tech machinery was used. He attached two vacuum cleaners to a back pack and created suction in the attached...

Screwing the Dead – WTF?

The idea is to prepare a coffin that can be buried without a pit. It looks like a screw shaped box that can drill its way through the surface of the earth either with the help of a machine of by hands. My reaction is “what the hell is wrong with you guys. Can’t you let it be as it is?” What’s yours?