Fraunhofer’s OLED glasses for handsfree computer navigation controlled by eyes

Fraunhofer’s OLED glasses

There are many computers in the market and some of them are excellent. In the days of old, we imagined and created computers that were designed to be positioned anywhere, then we made portable computers like the laptops, palmtops for example, the iPad etc. But this was not the limit and the concept of creating wearable computers came into existence. With the development of Google Glass and Motorola Solutions HC1, we dawned at the future of wearable computers. Now adding one more pearl to this collection of wearable computers comes the OLED glasses from Fraunhofer Center for Organics, Materials and...

Stryker’s Allayant saves the paramedics’ spine

Stryker’s Allayant saves the paramedics’ spine

If you are a paramedic attending many calls in a single day; lifting and carrying patients from accident sites, home or even hospital wards can strain your back, leaving you in pain and stress. Keeping in mind the amount of physical stress that the back bone of a paramedic bears every day, Leonardo Ochoa at the Art Centre College of Design has designed a uniform for Stryker, Christened as Allayant which comes as a rescue angel for paramedics. This uniform has an artificial built-in spine (spring) which supports the back and torso of the paramedic wearing it, reducing the strain...

Nicole Scherzinger glows in CuteCircuit’s tweeting LED dress at the launch of Britain’s 4G MN

Nicole Scherzinger glows in CuteCircuit’s tweeting LED dress at the launch of Britain’s 4G MN

In the late 70’s and the 80’s, it was almost a common site in any Rock or Blues concert to see the lead singer or the groups perform in body suits that glowed with little light bulbs. The electrifying concerts died out very soon and were completely out of vogue & forgotten until recently when another celebrity appeared wearing a glowing dress in London. Pussycat Dolls’ famous singer Nicole Scherzinger just electrified the night by walking on the red carpet wearing an elegant black French chiffon gown made by CuteCircuit, on the launch of Britain’s 4th generation of mobile network...

Designer conceptualizes robot that can be worn on a wrist


It may come as a bit of a shocker, but the above pictured conception is not a wristwatch, or rather not only a wrist watch. In fact, it is a wearable robot. Yes, a full fledged robot that can perform all the managing tasks of the owner’s life (much like Apple’s voice software Siri). However, this ‘robot’ can offer a much more personalized and varied service, given that it can comprehend the owner’s individual psychological framework (unlike Siri).

Oakley Airwave goggles – Snow sports lovers’ tech laden stylish gadget

Oakley Airwave Ski Goggles With HUD

We all love snow and its every guys dream to ski on the rough icy snow, coming down like a gust of wild wind from the lofty peaks descending to the base of the mountains. It certainly, is the greatest thrill and to add a new dimension to this beautiful, adventure sport; Oakley has introduced new sun-glasses with interactive maps, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc. These snow goggles or sun-snow reflectors (as that is their main purpose) are not just simple optical wonder but are stuffed with advanced technology too. Although, these ultra-advanced Oakley Airwave goggles contain a very small screen,...

Sanpei optics brings sunglasses with headphones- View & listen to the world around you in style

Sanpei optics sunglasses with headphones

Nobody would have ever imagined that at some point, there is going to be a revolution in the field of gadgetry and that too alone in wear-able technology! But the human mind is never at rest with new concepts, innovative ideas and above all curiosity. The process of this positive thinking & approach of a group of talented guys from Sanpei Optics has resulted into the development of sunglasses which are also a pair of headphones. Though, they may appear simple but still these are beautiful both in appearance and functioning.

Waveform timing in the new Oscope watch by Tokyoflash

Oscope watch by Tokyoflash

Based on the technology of Oscilloscope, here is a watch by Tokyoflash called Oscope Watch that shows time in waveform on graph. The display on the watch shows X axis & Y axis in green on a black background and if you press a button for once, a horizontal moving sine curve graph comes up on the screen. The current hour is displayed by the number of maximums on the screen, like from 1-12. The increment in every 10 minutes (0-50) is indicated by the maximum function value (as a projection on the upper apexes on the positive Y-axis). The...

Fit Shirt an ECG & vitals recording shirt that revolutionizes traditional methods of cardiac testing


Have you ever wondered how would it be, if you got a shirt which can sense the functioning of your body? At first this might seem as a wonder but in today’s technological market where the wearable technology is making a new mark, this seems like another project, well done! Maxim Integrated, Clearbridge, VitalSigns & Orbital Research have jointly produced a shirt which is packed with ECG sensor technology, complex signal processing technology, a temperature sensor, motion sensor, an ultra low-power micro controller and to add up all; wireless electronics and its christened as the FIT SHIRT.

Bloke who lost his finger creates in-expensive prosthetic fingers for the amputees

Mechanical prosthetic finger

There’s an old saying that, “Out of the blue comes a new ray of hope”! A very good example of this is Mr. Richard Van, a South African craftsman, who lost nearly all the fingers of his right hand in an industrial accident. Out of pain and sorrow of losing his fingers; Richard came with an idea of developing prosthetic fingers to regain the functions of his real fingers and their mobility. To help himself develop his imaginations and ideas into reality, Richard asked for the technical help from Washington based Mr. Ivan Owen, whose mechanical hand prop had impressed...