Is it the best optical illusion ever?

At the first glance, I saw a tiger painting, but what followed the first image was amazing. I have seen a similar illusion before, but this one is one step ahead. Have a look at it and I bet you can’t resist saying “It’s awesome”.

Life size SciFi Artificial Womb Sculpture made from found objects

Everyone has his own way to express what he/she wants to. Take an example of this ‘SciFi Artificial Womb Sculpture’. Before I could get to the point what really this thing is, I had to go through an interesting story of a survey ship, the CASPIN IV that encountered a faint signal beacon while charting systems at the edge of the explored Galaxy in 2871. The only remain found was this thing. Not only this, but the investigation showed that it’s a female baby, probably human, and had some extra 25,000 strands of DNA, which have still not been identified....

Real nasty LEGO Spider from Doctor Mobius

Jason Ruff or Doctor Mobius has gone for something creepy this time with his new LEGO Spider. It’s a nightmare for those suffering from arachnophobia and even for others, it can be. Don’t know what sort of LEGO bricks he has used, but those hairy looks are awesome. There are more of things we hate about spiders – egg missiles and drones. In one line – this LEGO spider looks nasty and no kid would ever like to play with something like this, unless he is psychotic. But, one thing is sure that, creating something like this is not an...

New Santa Cruz Carbon Fiber Nomad-c unleashed

The new lighter, sleeker, snappier, and tougher Nomad-c, sorry, Carbon Fiber Nomad-c has made appearance and it’s looking better than its aluminum predecessor. Replacing aluminum with carbon fiber has chopped off 1.25 pounds and boasts more strength and stiffness. New 160 mm travel carbon framed Nomad weighs 6.1 pounds with a RockShox Monarch 3.3 shock.

Emergency alert device for the deaf

Some objects are just the part of our desires and some that of our needs. Designer Sergej Kuckir opted to design something which could benefit those who can’t listen and like other people they can be in a situation where they should be alarmed before any miss happening. For this, Sergej designed a simple device like a radio receiver that makes use of heavy vibrations and light signals to alarm the subject in serious situations.

Heart shaped cake, Cupcakes and Cookies – Art that will make you vomit

Heart shaped cake, Cupcakes and Cookies – Art that will make you vomit

You will definitely love this cake if you are either a cardiac surgeon or a Zombie. For a normal human being, it will be a very hard task to put it in the mouth, no matter how rational he/she is. It’s nothing more than a cake made from blood red cream cheese and every possible effort has been made to make it look like a real human heart with flesh and blood.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Skyhook

I am back again with some LEGO job. No true Star Wars lover can forget the grand Skyhooks orbiting Curascant. If your memories are fading then let me refresh them with this wonderful LEGO ‘Star Wars Darth Vader Skyhook’.

Futuristic Wheel Chair – Hi-tech mobility for the disabled

Futuristic Wheel Chair – Hi-tech mobility for the disabled

Designer Thomas Ross & Dave Cochrane’s ‘Futuristic Wheel Chair’ concept is indented to create mobility system using best of current technology available to improve the quality of life for individuals who are unable to walk (either at all or without assistance) but who had viable and varied use of their upper body. The concept was designed after considering some specific problems. First of all, wheelchair users often rely on slinging a backpack or similar over the back of their chair. Therefore, a more elegant cargo solution for a personal mobility system, a teardrop extrusion on the back of the product,...