Stylish Lambretta table lamps to light up your lifestyle

Lambretta table lamps

After the classic Vespa lamps and Lambretta lamps, Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi has come up with a new stylish table lamp. This table lamp looks like old scooter head light and completely made of vintage machines. The most important thing is that you can order your lamp according to your specifications and you need to wait for 20-30 days to get your order completed. The price tag for this lamp is somewhere between £850 to £1050.

“Life Drop” to rehydrate the body

life drop2

Life Drop is a string of mini-gourds filled of liquid enriched with vitamins and minerals to regulate the amount of the liquid inside your body. Life Drop is developed for the people of the region where natural resources of water are vanishing or least available.

Mesmerizing cosmic pinnacle captured by NASA’s Hubble

Mystic Mountain01

These images are not taken from any sci-fi movie, but are the real beauty captured by NASA’s Hubble telescope. The mysterious looking mountaintops are mesmerizing enough to captivate the viewer for a while. Have a look at this wonder.

Demolished BMW auto parts reborn as Robot Sculpture

Robot from BMW car parts

Discarded and useless things might not be so disappointing if we could see them from the eyes of an artist. All you need is a bit creativity and imagination. This ‘Robot Sculpture’ is another fine example of creative use of discarded metal. Artist Bruce Gray has used the parts from a demolished 2005 BMW 645CI. The robot looks something similar to a sci-fi lethal weapon created for some termination operations. The a pivoting energy pulse gun with movable joystick/fire button controller and a hand that moves freely in different directions makes it a perfect alien thing on earth. There are...

Dead pieces of cables speak in Self Portrait of an artist

Self Portrait

You can call this work Connected; of course, it goes with what had been done with Cat 5 patch cables. Like a poem, you can have your own interpretation of any art and it applies to the present piece of job too. Artist Kasey McMahon’s are intentions are might not be particular, but our appreciation is definite. Now, you can take a close look and spent some time in giving your comments.

Monobike – Space efficient zero emission ride


Monobike is yet another attempt to provide solution to heavy traffic and pollution problem in the urban conditions. A minor size makes it space efficient and provides advantage over other vehicles in conditions where traffic jams are unavoidable. Further, it requires lesser parking space.