Shine by Misfits – A small artistic tracker for sporty dudes

Shrine Tracker-4

There are many gadgets in the world today that are used as pedometers for tracking. Many of these are made of plastics and do not have good appearance but finally here is a tracking gadget SHINE by Misfits that is unique, small and beautiful tracker. Unlike its other predecessors like Fuelband, Up, Fitbit, Larklife; Misfit’s Shine looks less like a “plasticy” Livestrong bracelet or techie gadget and more like a piece of sculpted jewelry. It’s carved out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it of very high quality and durable. The Shine is slightly larger than a quarter...

Droplet- Watch in a pendant for stylish ladies of the future

Droplet Pendant Watch

One of the earliest types of bodily adornment that man created is the pendant. Primeval man used to put a tiny hole in a beautiful rock and slip a string usually made of grass or vine so it could be hung around the neck. Shells and other indigenous materials could also be used. In Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs normally wore scarab beetle pendants to symbolize their wealth and power. Royalty and nobility in Egypt also wear a certain type of pendant called a cartouche. Since then, we all and especially women have been fascinated by the charm of various types of...

Amphipod introduces LED gear for runners & athletes who train in the dark

Amphipod LED Gear

Autumn-winter is the time when many runners have to train in the dark, which leads to additional inconvenience and discomfort, primarily making it very dangerous while running on the sides of highways/ motorways and become prone to motor-vehicle road accidents. Amphipod is a company that makes wearable gear for people who are into sports and now Amphipod has come up with gear that helps runners in the above mentioned conditions with the help of LED lights; mounted on to wearable gear. Amphipod has paid great attention to low visibility problem in the dark and has in its arsenal a great...

Enjoy winter season and sports with ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

Thermacell Insole-1

This is the time when winter season greets majority of the Northern hemisphere of our beautiful planet and along with it brings snow, cold winds and freezing temperatures. With our evolution we have fallen prey to the ever changing climate and have become more sensitive and vulnerable. Winters are beautiful, full of white snow all around, icicles hanging from the roofs and majority of people celebrate the festive season of Christmas hailing the advent of a New Year. But this is also the time when doing every day chores and outdoor activates are most affected. Everything is cold and can...

LEO’s GPS Child Tracking Wristwatch – Revolutionary gadget for security of your kids

LEO GPS Watch-2

Having kids is perhaps one of the most beautiful gifts that God or nature has blessed every life-form on this planet with. This is indeed the most precious but also a very vulnerable gift and in this world, which is full of stress and time-consuming life; sometimes it becomes impossible to keep up with our kids and even devote time to them. To ease this problem a bit, LEO has come up with a GPS (Global Positioning System) Child Locator Wristwatch. The purpose of this watch is to keep a track of kids while they are on the go, to...

3D Systems creates 3D printed braces for orthopedic care

3D Printed Braces

Orthopedic clinic is one of the most frequently visited clinics by people all over the world and in orthopedic medicine, musculoskeletal research and medicine is the most prominent (it accounts for nearly 30% to 40% of all acute orthopedic care including sports, industrial or job related injury and chronic conditions . These fields of medicine are very important to us as nearly all of us some day or somehow are involved in injuries or medical conditions related to our muscles or bones, at least once in our lives.

British company unveils the world’s most advanced bionic arm


It is not everyday we gizmo freaks get to see the real life counterpart to the exalted ‘Terminator-esque’ limb. However, Leeds based company prosthetic company RSLSteeper has certainly kicked up a few notches when it comes to bionic technology. According to them, their scientists have created the world’s most evolved bionic hand. And, the beneficiary of this fascinating contrivance is the 53 year old Nigel Ackland, a smelter who lost his arm in a industrial bending machine accident.

Track your vitals and movements just by wearing Amiigo bracelet

Amiigo wrist band and shoe clips

Jump, run, hop, dance or just relax for now, you can monitor your vitals & track your movements just by wearing a wrist band & shoe clip. You must be thinking that if this was true, why would the world invest in hefty digital-mechanical computerized machinery for knowing all the above? But luckily, the former is very true and in your hands. Amiigo has launched wrist bands with shoe clips which not only looks trendy and beautiful but are also imbedded with digital motion & vital sensors.

iSiri Smartwatch lets you control iPhone without even touching it

iSiri Smartwatch from Fererico Ciccarese lets you control your iPhone without a touch-2

To own an iPhone is certainly one of the most interesting things that any human being can imagine. What is even more interesting is how further can one go with their iPhones and the technologies it offers? This is a question which everyone had been asking Apple and Apple users to themselves. Have you ever imagined, how much better the world would become if we were able to use our iPhones without even touching them? Until now, indeed the iPhone has revolutionized our world and to make it even better, Federico Ciccarese has come up with a concept called the...

Ergowalker back support for reducing chronic lower back pain and easy mobility

Ergowalker back support for reducing chronic lower back pain_1

Let it be sedentary lifestyle making us fat or the lack of physical exercise; both have a major contribution in spoiling our health and the very identity of our soul, i.e. our body. Over the past few decades, lifestyle related disorders & maladies have increased one major discomfort in our life and that is chronic lower back (spinal) pain. Though, in 60% cases, its myofascial but can be serious as a symptom of spinal, boney or any other malignancy. Whatever the cause may be, lower back pain can hamper all our activities & cause us to be dull all the...