You’ll never ever wear these Adidas shackle sneakers

These cool looking Adidas Shackle sneakers have been pulled off the market after rising controversy that deems them as a disgrace to slavery and racist portraying product. Couple of days ago since they were launched, it has not been a minute since people have stopped talking about them in a positive way and mostly have encountered negative response. These purple suede shoes are designed by Adidas Originals in collaboration with fashion designing icon Jeremy Scott that feature the controversial orange plastic leg cuff shackles.

Your smartphone slipping out of shirt pocket? Not anymore with K-pocke

Gosh whenever I put my smartphone or music player inside my shirt pocket the chances of hearing the dreaded thud as metal hits cold ground increase three folds. Simply because the age old shirt is very bad at holding anything solid that can easily pop out even if you bend over a little or jump up for some reason. Thank god to a new pocket design for shirts that will never let your expensive gadgets slip out and prevent any hefty repair bills that follow. K-Pocke is a new age design for shirts to prevent any spills and it is...

World’s first ever Hello Kitty beauty spa opened in Dubai

Dubai is the land of beautiful and never before seen architectures that attract people from across the globe owing to their sheer class. But this time around Dubai is in the spotlight courtesy introduction of world’s first ever Hello Kitty Beauty Spa. Since its first inception in Japan in early 1970’s, Hello Kitty has turned into a brand name with profound popularity amongst females of all ages.

Wearable balloon dresses: A fashion statement making way from China

Balloons are best for a kitty party celebration or a birthday bash, but balloons for a dress? Well even I’m still trying to digest! These shouldn’t come as a surprise though, we’ve seen dresses made of condoms come out of extra-creative China. These wearable balloon Cheongsams (traditional dress for Chinese women) by People’s Association Balloon Sculpturing Interest Group, does seem like the next fashion statement making way from the East. The balloon cheongsams are made in collaboration with the National Museum of Singapore’s “In The Mood for Cheongsam” where it is displayed by sexy models on their attractive bodies. Sadly,...

Hairchitecture by FAHR 021.3 and Gijo gives hair styling a new meaning

When it comes to hair styling fashion industry has always put forth something that may look outrageous at first glimpse but when one considers the creative aspect, it looks three folds better. As a part of the challenge from stylist GIJO, inspired by the European Capital of Culture in Guimarães 2012, this hair cut line designed in collaboration with FARH 021.3 (group of Portuguese architects working in Berlin) is amalgamation of hair styling and architecture. Taking it as well worth experimental challenge they joined forces and put forth this amazing Hairchitecture.

The Ben Miller Band shows BMW bike equipped with drum kit

Yes right, it’s a BMW bike with a complete drum kit as its sidecar and obviously it’s an odd one.  I am very sorry, I couldn’t collect any information regarding the this BMW music machine other than that I saw it on FB page of ‘The Ben Miller Band’. Ben Miller Band was in news for their curious and inventive music, instrument and equipment earlier too, but this time they have invented something very weird. You might recall their homemade one-string bass.

Recycled PET bottles stuffed with human hair makes good seating poufs

Designer Ola Giertz Bare designed two odd seating poufs stuffed with human hair, which were collected from the hair salon.  The project is called Bare Hair Project and was designed for Studio Västra Sandgatan, a Swedish hair studio in Helsingborg, Sweden.  It’s not only about recycling hair, but even the poufs are made from recycled PET bottles.

Red wine dress made from innovative fabric that looks lickable

As tempting as tasting red wine with a beautiful lady might seem it is even better if you could just drape her wine dress and then later on as the mood sets, lick it all off! Things like these could be just possible with the new revolutionary red wine fabric that can be easily designed into dresses of the new age. Developed by a team from University of Western Australia it is still in infancy stage of development but the combination of art and scientific knowledge lends this project its own space.

Limited Edition $274.99 Herstar NBA pumps studded with exquisite crystals

Have a look at these limited edition crystal studded pumps by Herstar created as a tribute to the final four teams standing in the NBA Playoffs, namely: OKC Thunder, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs. Made from hand selected Middle Eastern crystals and stressed in luxury from every corner these pumps are offset by a sky-high 6 inch heel and 3 inch internal platform. You just have to get these pumps and step into the game cheering your team and all eyes will surely turn onto you.

Dancing Dress by Ninna uses robotics to dance

Well, again I came across something, which I can relate to my previous article about Terminator PC Case Mod.  A Dancing Dress for a change to break monotonous fashion trends for a while. Now to be clear, this is not the dress you wear while you dance, but it’s a dress that dances even when you are standing still. Watch the video and you’ll know exactly what  puts it in the odd category.