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Racing Rolls-Royce in Andrew Chirkova’s style

These concept images just depict Andrew Chirkova’s desire to experiment on a racing car Rolls-Royce with a mid-engine layout. As it’s just a concept, not much has been said about the technical specifications; but no doubt, it’s a fabulous treat for those who love sport cars. You can check out the designer portfolio with some first words about the inspiration.

Faucet that projects a clean stream of water

This project was to develop a new set of faucet that applies the same principle to his concept as the renowned bathware manufacturer does to clean up the flow of water to produce a glass rod like water stream (streamline flow). Laminar flow or streamline flow occurs when a fluid flows in parallel layers that lead to no disruption between the two layers of the liquid. It is the opposite of turbulent flow. In fluid dynamics, laminar flow is characterized by high momentum diffusion and low momentum convection. We can also interpret it as; laminar flow is smooth, while turbulent...

Shot down your old car for a new look

Of course you can try this with your new car, but every car becomes old after years and you might lose your interest in that old one. But you still have an option to get new looks to your old masterpiece. So it’s time to take out your guns and try some gunshots to etch new design on your car. Please don’t try it if you can’t afford to buy a new one or can’t bear the expenses. The BMW in pics has the same ending with a sculpture look and nice design on body with gunshots. This art is...

Illuminating world at the dark bottom of sea

At the dark bottom of sea you will find more than you have ever expected from nature. Life is glitters there and that too in a majestically beautiful way. I found these images of illuminating creatures, inhabitants from underwater world, on National Geographic.

The Street Runner – Dynamic electric concept vehicle for racing enthusiasts

From rear the vehicle gives looks like that of batmobile, but it’s actually a three wheel racing concept designed by Brad Reynolds. The name, Street Runner, Ahints that it’s something about speed and sports. Designed for racing enthusiasts, designer has considered the impact of his creation on environment and has therefore included an electric engine.

18 Aerial Images of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

An oil rig explosion that led to a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is major news these days. The oil spill might change the face of drilling forever as the conditions are worsening. Oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of at least 200,000 gallons a day and the ring of spill is increasing day by day. Here are 18 images from the air which will give you a better idea of this massive oil spill.

Care your laptop with Carbon Fiber case

After more than a year of development and testing, Mach 3 Composites has come up with a carbon fiber laptop case. This case is two months late from its launching date but company guarantees 100% carbon fiber used for manufacturing with a high-gloss clear-coated finish.