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Prosthetic limbs controlled by brain shall be a miracle for amputees

Prosthetic limbs controlled by brain

The saddest and most tragic thing that can happen to anyone of us is the loss of any of our body parts (especially limbs)! There are many people on this planet in every nation, who accidently, medically or unfortunately lose their limbs. That moment is not only a moment of suffering and pain but is also of a shock that changes the sufferer’s life forever (they never see themselves as the same or perhaps complete person). The rate of people undergoing amputations is higher in nations like Afghanistan & Iraq and also among soldiers of the NATO forces, since they...

Start living a healthy life with Up from Jawbone

Jawbone Up-3

Nearly, 60% of America’s population is fat and majority of them are obese. Obesity, as we all know is very bad, morbid and dangerous condition which is responsible for many other life threatening conditions and diseases like hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus type 2, fatty liver disease (FLD, NAFLD), hyperinsulinemia, hyperthyroidism, arteriosclerosis, cerebral aneurysm, myocardial infarction, stroke etc. Since, all these majority of diseases and conditions are the result of an unhealthy life style (unhealthy eating, drinking and sedentary life), we can combat these evils just by becoming stringer and working out daily with eating balanced food. These sounds quite good and...

Thermobalancing belt for the best non-invasive treatment of kidney stone

Dr Allen Kidney Belt-1

Not drinking enough water and eating foods full of calcium and other minerals or a genetic/ idiopathic condition could cause the formation of oxalate and calcium crystals around the nephrons causing nephrolithiasis or ureter causing ureterolithiasis or the bladder causing cystolithiasis and cause what we know in common language as kidney stones. Most of us are unaware of this dangerous medical condition and only discover it when it comes full blown with pain and agony. There are state of the art medical imaging & radio diagnostic tools available for the diagnosis of this condition but quite limited and invasive techniques...

Digital Guide Glasses for guiding the blind

Digital Glasses-2

It is indeed a great misery and tragedy to be blind and in this present world where things have become so complicated with the advent of so many technologies, it is difficult for blind individuals to do their daily rituals in cities bustling with rushing crowds and a never ending traffic line. But the modern technology has also done many advances in the field of medicine and development of the medical aids.Now, the blind personal may not need to carry pets or walking canes with themselves as guides to wherever they go. Thanks to the Smart specs that replace white...

Shine by Misfits – A small artistic tracker for sporty dudes

Shrine Tracker-4

There are many gadgets in the world today that are used as pedometers for tracking. Many of these are made of plastics and do not have good appearance but finally here is a tracking gadget SHINE by Misfits that is unique, small and beautiful tracker. Unlike its other predecessors like Fuelband, Up, Fitbit, Larklife; Misfit’s Shine looks less like a “plasticy” Livestrong bracelet or techie gadget and more like a piece of sculpted jewelry. It’s carved out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it of very high quality and durable. The Shine is slightly larger than a quarter...

3D Systems creates 3D printed braces for orthopedic care

3D Printed Braces

Orthopedic clinic is one of the most frequently visited clinics by people all over the world and in orthopedic medicine, musculoskeletal research and medicine is the most prominent (it accounts for nearly 30% to 40% of all acute orthopedic care including sports, industrial or job related injury and chronic conditions . These fields of medicine are very important to us as nearly all of us some day or somehow are involved in injuries or medical conditions related to our muscles or bones, at least once in our lives.

British company unveils the world’s most advanced bionic arm


It is not everyday we gizmo freaks get to see the real life counterpart to the exalted ‘Terminator-esque’ limb. However, Leeds based company prosthetic company RSLSteeper has certainly kicked up a few notches when it comes to bionic technology. According to them, their scientists have created the world’s most evolved bionic hand. And, the beneficiary of this fascinating contrivance is the 53 year old Nigel Ackland, a smelter who lost his arm in a industrial bending machine accident.

iSiri Smartwatch lets you control iPhone without even touching it

iSiri Smartwatch from Fererico Ciccarese lets you control your iPhone without a touch-2

To own an iPhone is certainly one of the most interesting things that any human being can imagine. What is even more interesting is how further can one go with their iPhones and the technologies it offers? This is a question which everyone had been asking Apple and Apple users to themselves. Have you ever imagined, how much better the world would become if we were able to use our iPhones without even touching them? Until now, indeed the iPhone has revolutionized our world and to make it even better, Federico Ciccarese has come up with a concept called the...

Designer conceptualizes robot that can be worn on a wrist


It may come as a bit of a shocker, but the above pictured conception is not a wristwatch, or rather not only a wrist watch. In fact, it is a wearable robot. Yes, a full fledged robot that can perform all the managing tasks of the owner’s life (much like Apple’s voice software Siri). However, this ‘robot’ can offer a much more personalized and varied service, given that it can comprehend the owner’s individual psychological framework (unlike Siri).