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Why these robots are playing Guitar Hero?

Robots are into everything. They are future nurses, nannies, doctors, football players and so on. I think someday human will invent one for chewing food for them. I found this list of eight robots that plays Guitar Hero for, don’t know, whose pleasure. The title says ‘kick ass robots’ and I agree – they will kick our ass one day. Of course, we need one to kick ours ass too. Anyway if you want to read about these video game freak robots then please visit the source.

Metal Steampunk looking desk-phone

When I first saw this piece of art I was sure this will be having an interesting story behind it, but what I found was something that resembled to reality, but, I guess was not. Anyway I won’t like to rewrite that. All I am concerned about is this steampunk style telephone entirely made from found farmer’s tools. The spade seems to be the main frame over which other parts are fitted perfectly.

Fantastic photographs of Kingfisher in action

These beautiful photographs of this amazing bird were taken by award-winning photographer Joe Petersburger’s. He captured almost every moment from diving into water, catching the pray in its beak, and feeding the babies. The bird resembles to a bullet fired when dives into the water and does signify its name – the kingfisher. Go through the images and I am sure nobody can resist appreciating the photographer and the photographed.

Why we need an Invisibility Cloak?

No wonder why scientists are going crazy for inventions that were even hard to imagine for humanity. Science is the result of our natural curiosity. Those who follow it, comes out with stunning secrets of nature. All the power lies in front of our eyes held in the firm hands of nature. But now we are up to snatching it from the most appropriate owner and utilize for our recreation or destruction. Invisibility cloak is not far from us. Scientists from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and Imperial College London have successfully tested their cloak on an object and...

Marvelous 10 ft long LEGO Pennybacker Bridge made with 14,000 pieces

There is rarely any day that goes without any news about LEGO work. Earlier we have seen wonderful Avatar helicopter and Star Wars space ship made from LEGO pieces and they were of their own kind. Not only these but there are plenty of replicas available, but still the saturation point hasn’t been reached. Here is the new creation by TJ Avery – a gigantic 10 ft long model of the Pennybacker Bridge made from 14,000 pieces that weighs about 40 pounds.

Steamtrooper Helmet – Star Wars inspired Steampunk art

Anyone of us can take inspiration from fiction and fanciful characters of cinema or TV. Star Wars is one such source which has always attracted artists as well as writers to create something new by blending the material from source with their own imagination. This time I have another example of what I have said – an awesome steampunk Steamtrooper Helmet by Brian Rood. This is one of the best Star Wars themed works I have seen. The artist wants to auction it in near future to gather some funds for charity. Well done Brian – wonderful job with noble...

Best ever NUT shots (PICS)

Sometimes it’s hard to hit the intended target and easy to knock down the reason. On other occasions it’s just a wrong judgment that put someone in trouble and gives us a chance to laugh on them. Here are few examples.

120°C Sauna inside ice walls

It’s true that opposite attracts, but I don’t think it applies to ice and heat too. We have something incredible here and something like impossible – a sauna inside a structure made from ice bricks. Isn’t it odd? But it’s true. This ice sauna is situated at Baikalsk, a small town near Irkutsk on the southern bank of the Baikal Lake.