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Real nasty LEGO Spider from Doctor Mobius

Jason Ruff or Doctor Mobius has gone for something creepy this time with his new LEGO Spider. It’s a nightmare for those suffering from arachnophobia and even for others, it can be. Don’t know what sort of LEGO bricks he has used, but those hairy looks are awesome. There are more of things we hate about spiders – egg missiles and drones. In one line – this LEGO spider looks nasty and no kid would ever like to play with something like this, unless he is psychotic. But, one thing is sure that, creating something like this is not an...

Heart shaped cake, Cupcakes and Cookies – Art that will make you vomit

Heart shaped cake, Cupcakes and Cookies – Art that will make you vomit

You will definitely love this cake if you are either a cardiac surgeon or a Zombie. For a normal human being, it will be a very hard task to put it in the mouth, no matter how rational he/she is. It’s nothing more than a cake made from blood red cream cheese and every possible effort has been made to make it look like a real human heart with flesh and blood.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Skyhook

I am back again with some LEGO job. No true Star Wars lover can forget the grand Skyhooks orbiting Curascant. If your memories are fading then let me refresh them with this wonderful LEGO ‘Star Wars Darth Vader Skyhook’.

Unique Dress sewn from 1 million meter of human hair

Collecting hair from 54 people across Vietnam and then dying 1 million meters of hair sounds a tough job, but an artist has successfully did all this and has prepared a dress out of these human hair. One million meters hair were sewn into a dress using a needle. This sounds incredible. Isn’t it? This is not the first time that someone used human hair to express his creativity, but it’s the first dress that is entirely made from human hair.

Dutch glass bull filled with Fortune Teller Gold Liqueur

This one is adorable enough to add to my collection. It’s nothing more than hand blown glass dutch bull filled with Fortune Teller Gold Liqueur, but still it’s different and quite amusing. I guess the tail meant to hold a cigar is the outlet for liquor too. It’s not just a glass bull, but the way it stands, with rear legs in that active position, it seems to be alive.

Superb indoor Mini Golf Course entirely made from wood

Superb indoor Mini Golf Course entirely made from wood

This indoor Mini Golf Course is entirely made from wood, as it appears to be. The fact that it’s not playable doesn’t matter at all in front of the skillful built and highly creative artistic design. The intention behind this superb job was an art exhibit at the Milan Design Week where it was to be showcased and I am sure it must have gained appreciation from anyone who looked at it.

Scary Terry’s Computer Controlled Coffin

What will be your reaction if you find a coffin in your graveyard and as you go closer, it opens with groaning sounds and from midst of fog appears Elvis? Sure you will cry, but with joy or horror? Well, the ‘Kitchen Sink Coffin’ is what I am talking about. No, it has nothing to do with kitchen sink and I didn’t find any logic either. Let’s get straight to the point. According to Scary Terry’s, it was inspired from WickedBeernut’s (WBN’s) Computer Controlled Coffin, which might be having a story behind too. A pre-programmed electronic coffin might give help...

Dine & Wine at Maynard’s steampunk restaurant

Those who are aware of what the steampunk thing is, I have this wonderful place that has been entirely given a classic steampunk look. The place is Maynard’s – a restaurant in an old train depot in Tucson, Arizona. The inside environment just take you back to 20th centaury for a while. The decorative plan not only includes mechanical looks but has utilized real pieces of iron from 18th centaury rail track. It’s true. Have a close look at the feet of the bar table and you will be convinced.

Recycled PCBs turned into beautiful sculptures

It would have been injustice to these awesome pieces of arts if I had not given them their due place on my blog. Not only esthetically, but environmentally too these recycled PCB sculptures are adorable. Computer geek Steven Rodrig instead of throwing them in landfills chose to turn them into beautiful sculptures. Check out the sea turtle, dragonfly, and shoes made out of old PCBs.