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Danny Quirk’s Anatomical Self-Dissection paintings are not for the weak hearted

As weird as self-dissection might sound it surely isn’t for the weak hearted and even for the freakiest people it is in the domains of a taboo practice. However artist Danny Quirk doesn’t shirk away from depicting this dark practice in his new photo realistic series called Anatomical Self-Dissections which shows subjects performing painful self-dissections on their own bodies. Danny a well-known fine art illustrator accomplishes this niche portraiture depiction with a very surreal approach showing the subjects tearing off their skin and muscles to reveal inner body parts by revealing the muscle, tissue, bones and organs.

Handmade recycled cards drawn with black fineliner inspire creativity

No two people are the same, so for every individual source of inspiration and the will for creativity is different too. Thus, it’s not easy to comprehend which way an attitude can swing and what a creative head can end up with. This is just so true with Rich Armstrong’s resourceful ideology that’s given birth to a very attractive card art. Well it’s no rocket science, but of course each of these illustrations is unique in themselves.

Me And My Boss !

When I Take a long time, I am slow, When my boss takes a long time, he is thorough, When I don’t do it, I am lazy, When my boss does not do it, he is busy,

Giant sinkhole swallowed whole family with house (Images)

The whole family is watching TV and certainly their house is swallowed by a giant sinkhole. It’s not a scene from any movie, but a real incident that killed all the family members near St. Jude, about 77 kilometers northeast of Montreal, and north of St. Hyacinthe. NationalPost Writes:

Illuminating world at the dark bottom of sea

At the dark bottom of sea you will find more than you have ever expected from nature. Life is glitters there and that too in a majestically beautiful way. I found these images of illuminating creatures, inhabitants from underwater world, on National Geographic.

Xylophone made entirely from Musical Stones of Skiddaw

After watching this incredible piece of musical art, a type of xylophone, entirely made from ‘Musical Stones of Skiddaw’, I was reminded of some lines which I had heard long ago, don’t remember where, that nature is capable of producing the sweetest music and it does, but only a few are able to hear and enjoy that. The information available tell us that it was created around 1785 by an, an eccentric inventor called Peter Crosthwaite, who came across these musical stones accidentally while taking a walk between the mountains Skiddaw and Blencathra in North Cumbria, UK.

15 Reasons Why Franzia is Awesome

I found this interesting list suggesting why Franzia is awesome and also found some lines which say that it’s a sort of homage to Mr. Franzia, the inventor of boxed wine, who died yesterday. I am not certain about the news, but thought you’ll be interested in the reasons to love Franzia. You can find the complete list on Buzzfeed.

Is it the best optical illusion ever?

At the first glance, I saw a tiger painting, but what followed the first image was amazing. I have seen a similar illusion before, but this one is one step ahead. Have a look at it and I bet you can’t resist saying “It’s awesome”.