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WTF does it mean?

These panties have messages for you. If you could interpret them, please let me know.

Eating Scorpions and drinking Cobras’ blood

You must have watched reality shows on TV, which offer a huge price money  for doing wired tasks like eating cockroaches, snails, and lying among creepy insects. However, are you brave enough put a Scorpion in your mouth and drink the blood of Cobra, the deadliest snake on earth? These soldiers seem to be more deadly to me than any insect or animal on earth.

The mighty Red Bull motorcycle

Taking inspiration from a company icon, designer Barrend Massow Hemmes has created a wonderful and mighty looking “Red Bull Motorcycle” concept. What attracted me most are the horns and the leg muscles displayed in the design. I would love to see it on the road like any other motorcycle enthusiast. The shiny looks catch eyes at ones. The first word from my mouth at the first sight was “ Wow” and so will be yours if you don’t look at it practically.

Wonderful slow motion videos of lighting

Wonderful slow motion videos of lighting

There is no equavalent to the beauty of nature in mechanical human world. What machine can do is to capture this beauty, likeTom Warner has done. Have a look at the wonderful images of lightning, which he captured with an array of optical and electromagnetic sensors, and a Vision Research ‘Phantom’ high-speed camera.

Accidentally Inappropriate (PICs)

Sometimes even the most simple and common situations have scope of making us burst into laughter. All you need is an eye for these small happenings. Here are two examples of such accidental situations.

Optical Wall Illusion

The creator of this illusion calls it an anamorphic, time traveling DeLorean, which he made in his basement. This optical ‘Wall Illusion’ was made with the help of a painter’s tape and elbow grease. Have a look at the pictures below and you will surely appreciate the work.

Willing to help Haiti (PIC)?

Willing to help Haiti (PIC)?

You might have heard of the Haiti disaster and lots of us are either helping or helped. But there are few who are trying everything to reach them. I came across an interesing conversation on facebook.

Swimming nose-to-nose with a giant Whale

Love speaks only one language and that is trust. Perhaps that’s why this guy, Andrew Armour, is swimming besides a giant Whale. I don’t know how, but there is some sort of bond between these two. Take a look at the gallery and I bet you’ll envy the guy.

Can you answer these 15 questions?

You go to search engine for searching the things you don’t know or you like to add to your knowledge. But if you come across such questions and answers that you had never expected what your reaction would be? At least you would never like your kids to read them. Here are some examples. Click on image to visit the page.