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A Must watch Too Shall Pass – Lego Rube Goldberg video

A Must watch Too Shall Pass – Lego Rube Goldberg video

Guys I have a splendid show for you. For short introduction it’s a Lego Rube Goldberg in new OK Go video. Rest of it is meant to be watched and not to be explained in words. So don’t waste time and check out the video.

Clearest images of Corona ever taken during solar eclipse

Here are few spectacular images of the corona, the outer magnetic field of sun, which is in the form of a shell of super-hot gas. It is hard to imagine a temperature of around 2,000,000c in general and much harder to see it due to unbearable brightness. But, the eclipse hunter Miloslav Druckmuller provided these stunning images which he took on the Marshall Islands in July 2009.

Lucciola – Combination of Light and Sound

Lucciola has been designed to provide you with a combination of light and sound in one device. Inspired from magical flying lighting spots seen in the summer nights, this 30cm long device provides stereo sound in pair and the effect depends on the number of things available in the place. You can choose your piece according to your taste and requirement of the place. For that, it will be available in different editions with few modifications to suite the place in which you are using it like home, club and baby edition offering different colors and different way of positioning.

JNIOSH new Multi-modal simulator combines audio and visual information with vibration

Following the experiments conducted with multi-degree-of-freedom (DOF) to evaluate the effect and perceptible limits of whole body vibration, the Japanese National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (JNIOSH) has put forth a product that will combine sound and visual information using Brüel & Kjær’s NVH Simulator. According to JINIOSH, it will replace the traditional single or multi-degree-of-freedom vibrator and will help in introducing more reality and interactivity.

Your own DIY AT-AT Star Wars walker

I guess almost every one of us is familiar with AT-AT – one of the most liked walkers from Star Wars. The fictitious battlefield capabilities of this walker are extreme and any army in the world would be happy if it could be materialized. However, for now you can create one for yourself. It’s like a DIY project that asks for assembling of few wooden parts. You can’t ride it, but still it will look cool in your room – a sci-fi container that can accommodate some of your personal things. I doubt, in future we might see an original...

Ricepuppet’s paintjob brings back lost shine of your NES

NES is the most popular gaming console ever made by Nintendo that hit the market two decades back. If you own one and it has started showing age-factor, then Ricepuppet has some nice custom ideas to transform it into a new one. The scratches that have appeared on the skin by throwing the console on the ground can be neatly veiled by hand-made customs done with accurate precision in paintjob technique. Hence, if you liked the idea of getting your NES tinted in Metroid color, then you can place your order here.

DIY gaming chair by Don Sturrock

Don Sturrock’s computer gaming desk is the new inspiration for gaming freaks. He didn’t waste much time on materializing his idea. Using Kee Lite aluminum pipe fittings and pipe and parts from Sketchup Library of Simplified Building, he built a structure that can support the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and chair. The chair looks comfortable with an adjustable monitor holder and footrest. It might be lacking the luxurious shine, but the creativity is appreciable.

Zombie Survival Transportation

I love to watch zombie movies, but throw them out of my mind once the movie ends. However, somewhere in the mind, the impressions make home and force me to fancy about the possibilities of happening all those scenes in real world. Yes, I mean Zombies in our world. Then, all those weapons and vehicles I had seen in movie occur to me as means of survival. I don’t think there is much possibility of Zombie attack, but still I have something for you that you should consider in case of a Zombie attack. I am serious and this guy...

Searching bombs with naked hands

Rock climbing and scuba diving might be daring tasks for you. But I think searching for bombs is something which you would never like to try. Have a look at these members of a bomb detection squad searching for explosive without any high-tech equipments. A blast can tore them into pieces. How does it sounds?