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Track your vitals and movements just by wearing Amiigo bracelet

Jump, run, hop, dance or just relax for now, you can monitor your vitals & track your movements just by wearing a wrist band & shoe clip. You must be thinking that if this was true, why would the world invest in hefty digital-mechanical computerized machinery for knowing all the above? But luckily, the former is very true and in your hands. Amiigo has launched wrist bands with shoe clips which not only looks trendy and beautiful but are also imbedded with digital motion & vital sensors.

Stryker’s Allayant saves the paramedics’ spine

Stryker’s Allayant saves the paramedics’ spine

If you are a paramedic attending many calls in a single day; lifting and carrying patients from accident sites, home or even hospital wards can strain your back, leaving you in pain and stress. Keeping in mind the amount of physical stress that the back bone of a paramedic bears every day, Leonardo Ochoa at the Art Centre College of Design has designed a uniform for Stryker, Christened as Allayant which comes as a rescue angel for paramedics. This uniform has an artificial built-in spine (spring) which supports the back and torso of the paramedic wearing it, reducing the strain...

Nike LunarTR1 + Sports Pack training shoe turns you into a professional athlete on the street

Who doesn’t want to get world-class level training from professional athletes to enhance physical performance and have a fit body? Surely you want to be in this league and that is why Nike has launched its new Nike LunarTR1 + Sports Pack training shoe (for men and women) which trains you just like a professional athlete and with the same intensity. The training shoe is light weight and very comfortable on the inside having new age Lunarlon cushioning combined with sole grip that you’ll love. And yes there is the ultra-strong Flywire technology to provide amazing grip while running or...

Peformance enhancing light weight 3D printed shoe developed for Olympic athletes

Developing the best performance shoes for Olympic athletes has always been the craving for shoe manufacturers, trying to fine tune mechanical properties of sprint shoe to enhance athletic performance. Luc Fusaro a creative engineer and designer has developed a customized running shoe for Olympic athletes that claims to increase their performance by 3.5%, which is quite considerable taking into account the importance of shading seconds off the final time in key sprint events. The shoe is 3D printed to maintain the customizable properties, thereby not restricting the manufacturing process to mere standard dimensions.

Team ORICA-GreenEDGE to wear Scott Sports’s new Premium Road Shoe at Tour de France

Scott Sports has introduced their new Premium Road Shoe for Team ORICA-GreenEDGE, which is likely to wear them at the Tour de France this summer. The designer Luke Fryer has made a few modifications based on the feedback from cyclists. Improved BOA lacing system, a stronger and taller anatomic heel counter, a three dimensional tongue from molded stiffener and cushion for more comfort and bigger ribs for better hold are some modifications in the new Premium Road Shoe.

Fiyta Aeronautics Collection wristwatch for China’s first female astronaut goes into space

Showing off the beauty of oriental women in this vast universe, Fiyta Aeronautics Collection wristwatch was sent off into space along with China’s first female astronaut aboard Shenzhou-9 spacecraft. Taking inspiration from the elegant flying apsaras in Dunhuang frescoes this wristwatch has undergone stringent cold and heat tests in weightlessness of outer space.

Futuristic Medical Chair For Diagnoses

What if you are not feeling well and you go to a doctor but before you reach the doctor, you are diagnosed. The chair in pictures bear the same capabilities. This is a conceptual chair with installed sensors on the rest of the chair that can diagnose patients. This future chair can solve both money and time issues for doctors and patients.

FORM_Z01 – An affordable universal multi-functional module for small homes

It’s not a surprise to see multi- functional furniture units are gaining popularity in the urban conditions where space efficiency has become a need. Form Z_01 is a similar idea to provide you a multi functional module, but with a more realistic vision. Mainly, it’s intended to satisfy those who can afford only a small room. Even in a small room of 17 square meters, Z_01 can make it possible to transform your room into a study room, a cloak room, a bedroom and a living room for parties. Even the maintenance is cheap as it’s not a complex task...

Faucet that projects a clean stream of water

This project was to develop a new set of faucet that applies the same principle to his concept as the renowned bathware manufacturer does to clean up the flow of water to produce a glass rod like water stream (streamline flow). Laminar flow or streamline flow occurs when a fluid flows in parallel layers that lead to no disruption between the two layers of the liquid. It is the opposite of turbulent flow. In fluid dynamics, laminar flow is characterized by high momentum diffusion and low momentum convection. We can also interpret it as; laminar flow is smooth, while turbulent...

Shot down your old car for a new look

Of course you can try this with your new car, but every car becomes old after years and you might lose your interest in that old one. But you still have an option to get new looks to your old masterpiece. So it’s time to take out your guns and try some gunshots to etch new design on your car. Please don’t try it if you can’t afford to buy a new one or can’t bear the expenses. The BMW in pics has the same ending with a sculpture look and nice design on body with gunshots. This art is...