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Red wine dress made from innovative fabric that looks lickable

As tempting as tasting red wine with a beautiful lady might seem it is even better if you could just drape her wine dress and then later on as the mood sets, lick it all off! Things like these could be just possible with the new revolutionary red wine fabric that can be easily designed into dresses of the new age. Developed by a team from University of Western Australia it is still in infancy stage of development but the combination of art and scientific knowledge lends this project its own space.

Limited Edition $274.99 Herstar NBA pumps studded with exquisite crystals

Have a look at these limited edition crystal studded pumps by Herstar created as a tribute to the final four teams standing in the NBA Playoffs, namely: OKC Thunder, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs. Made from hand selected Middle Eastern crystals and stressed in luxury from every corner these pumps are offset by a sky-high 6 inch heel and 3 inch internal platform. You just have to get these pumps and step into the game cheering your team and all eyes will surely turn onto you.

Dancing Dress by Ninna uses robotics to dance

Well, again I came across something, which I can relate to my previous article about Terminator PC Case Mod.  A Dancing Dress for a change to break monotonous fashion trends for a while. Now to be clear, this is not the dress you wear while you dance, but it’s a dress that dances even when you are standing still. Watch the video and you’ll know exactly what  puts it in the odd category.

Louis Vuitton Minaudière Coquille D’oeuf has fragmented eggshells on top

Louis Vuitton is back again with their Spring/Summer 2012 Leather Goods collection which signifies light and airy spiritual essence of soft shapes with sweet shades. The standout object of desire in this collection is surely the dainty Minaudière Coquille D’oeuf, having Monogram mosaic meticulously hand-pieced using only eggshell fragments. Crafted from 12,500 eggshell fragments with over 600 man hours put together using the 1920’s technique from the last man in Paris.

Mr. Lamp is a real world reflection of your personality

You might have not noticed, but everyday objects you use during your routine make a great difference, especially when you hate to be in monotonous. Mr. Lamp is just what your living room would need for a change. It’s a lamp cum full character coat hanger. The designer Rafael Morgan wants you to have a mirror image of your personality and lifestyle standing in front of your eyes, which is more real and material.

Get along your giant spoons to lick on the Melting Ice Cream Truck

Very few design houses have actually managed to gain repute in creating engaging and dramatic sculptures, which have really appealed with the masses and The Glue Society is one such name. Glue Society’s Melting Ice Cream Truck sculpture that won them $5,000 in prize money at the annual Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition is an installation that’s taken The Glue Society to a new high. At first however, to my critic eye the Melting Ice Cream Truck seemed waste, but then I look at my giant spoon, I thought, why not! Is anyone of you coming?

Pooping Good Boy and Good Puppy dog floor lamps are offensive!

There are only a few designers who don’t mind taking things to the weirdest stance possible. Whatshisname is just one of them, and his freakin’ Good Boy and smaller Good Puppy – dog floor lamps are creations to affirm. Both his lamps were made-up to be part of London’s Art Below exhibition, unfortunately they were deemed offensive and banded from the exhibition. Wondering why, well the lamps require you to turn them on or off by stepping on dog turd (fake yes, but offensive)!

The exquisite Montegrappa N.S. Virgen de Guadalupe Limited Edition Pen

Anyone who’s fond of luxury defining writing instruments would know about Montegrappa, yes, the famed Italian writing instrument brand that’s delivered some of the finest luxury pens out there. And to celebrate first 100 years of Montegrappa, the brand presented Pope Benedict XVI a Montegrappa N.S. Virgen de Guadalupe Limited Edition Pen as a souvenir of affection from the people of Mexico. The creation to commemorate 480th anniversary of the appearance of the Our Lady of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexico and Latin America on the Cerro del Tepeyac hill.

Handmade recycled cards drawn with black fineliner inspire creativity

No two people are the same, so for every individual source of inspiration and the will for creativity is different too. Thus, it’s not easy to comprehend which way an attitude can swing and what a creative head can end up with. This is just so true with Rich Armstrong’s resourceful ideology that’s given birth to a very attractive card art. Well it’s no rocket science, but of course each of these illustrations is unique in themselves.