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Realflex makes your wear light on your body


Darkness can make you blind if you don’t have an appropriate source of light to show you path or you aren’t an owl or a bat. Take it as psychological aspect or real one; you will never be able to make your way through darkness if you aren’t well prepared to deal with it. So far there isn’t anything to overcome the psychological darkness, but in case of real one I guess we have a solution invented by Hamburg-based German company, ‘Be8lich’.

Become an awesome gamer with Oculus Rift Headset

Oculus Rift Headset

We all love to play video games, and some people are just crazy about gamming that’s why it has become a swooping industry worth US$30 billion in the last two decades. We have seen the most famous Super Mario to the very realistic, present day 3D games and this gaming world is growing faster than the Amazon forest. Adding a new variety to this amazing gaming jungle, the Oculus Rift has introduced a new hardware, which will revolutionize the entire gaming experience. Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality (VR) headset which has been designed specifically for video games. With...

Shine by Misfits – A small artistic tracker for sporty dudes

Shrine Tracker-4

There are many gadgets in the world today that are used as pedometers for tracking. Many of these are made of plastics and do not have good appearance but finally here is a tracking gadget SHINE by Misfits that is unique, small and beautiful tracker. Unlike its other predecessors like Fuelband, Up, Fitbit, Larklife; Misfit’s Shine looks less like a “plasticy” Livestrong bracelet or techie gadget and more like a piece of sculpted jewelry. It’s carved out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it of very high quality and durable. The Shine is slightly larger than a quarter...

LEO’s GPS Child Tracking Wristwatch – Revolutionary gadget for security of your kids

LEO GPS Watch-2

Having kids is perhaps one of the most beautiful gifts that God or nature has blessed every life-form on this planet with. This is indeed the most precious but also a very vulnerable gift and in this world, which is full of stress and time-consuming life; sometimes it becomes impossible to keep up with our kids and even devote time to them. To ease this problem a bit, LEO has come up with a GPS (Global Positioning System) Child Locator Wristwatch. The purpose of this watch is to keep a track of kids while they are on the go, to...

British company unveils the world’s most advanced bionic arm


It is not everyday we gizmo freaks get to see the real life counterpart to the exalted ‘Terminator-esque’ limb. However, Leeds based company prosthetic company RSLSteeper has certainly kicked up a few notches when it comes to bionic technology. According to them, their scientists have created the world’s most evolved bionic hand. And, the beneficiary of this fascinating contrivance is the 53 year old Nigel Ackland, a smelter who lost his arm in a industrial bending machine accident.

Fit Shirt an ECG & vitals recording shirt that revolutionizes traditional methods of cardiac testing


Have you ever wondered how would it be, if you got a shirt which can sense the functioning of your body? At first this might seem as a wonder but in today’s technological market where the wearable technology is making a new mark, this seems like another project, well done! Maxim Integrated, Clearbridge, VitalSigns & Orbital Research have jointly produced a shirt which is packed with ECG sensor technology, complex signal processing technology, a temperature sensor, motion sensor, an ultra low-power micro controller and to add up all; wireless electronics and its christened as the FIT SHIRT.

Forget gym and try the O2 Magnetic Dumbbells to make muscles anywhere and everywhere!

O2 Magnetic Dumbbells

We all love to see ourselves as lean, muscular and in shape and the most appealing parts of the human body are chest and biceps. But making those guns look bigger is not easy! One has to pump a lot of iron and have an excellent proteinaceous diet to make muscles stronger and bigger so that we are healthy and aesthetically appealing to all. To help guys and the women folk workout in a better way than traditional gym training, Mr. Suhyun Yoo has devised electro-magnetic dumbbells called the O2 MAGNETIC DUMBBELLS which are ideal for working out at any...

Smart Swimming Goggles comes with an interactive display screen and 3D camera


We are gradually moving into a progressive age, where machines and devices are also judged by their smartness. However, this degree of ‘smartness’ should have more to do with how the contraption harmonizes with human convenience, rather than its intrinsic level of artificial intelligence. Well, the Smart Swimming Goggles certainly abides by this dictum with its myriad of advanced yet convenient features, which goes well beyond its functionality as just a simple eye cover.

Designer contrives a weight reducing smart gear for postal workers

final design_exo

It may come as a bit of a shocker, but on a daily average a postal worker handles around a whopping 250 kgs of mail. To put things into perspective, that is actually more than four times the average human mass (which stands at 62 kgs). And, of course because of the manual handling of such high weight ratios, many of our ever friendly postmen go through serious health issues like carpal tunnel syndromes. In this regard, design student Doris Feurstein has contrived her very own innovative solution for postmen, in the form an exclusive body gear for lessening the overall weight...

Sens’it’ive makes blind aware of their surroundings

Sensitive vision for blind

Imagine being blind and surely you will get chills to your spine! Indeed, opthamology has made a lot of progress in improving the scenario with blind people but there are certain vision anomalies that cannot be treated even today. So, to overcome this deficit in a blind human, Cyrille Rouffiat is working on an eyewear that can detect obstacles in the path of blind guys (wearing it), thus reducing their risk of  bumping into something & fall over; preventing them from getting  minor or serious injuries. This white, opaque yet sleek aid for the blind, currently in-research is known as Sens’it’ive....