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DARPA funded Smart Suit technology that makes you physically fit and increases stamina

While carrying heavy loads in battlefield or combat situations can be a real energy sapper for the soldiers, it would come as a bane if there could be a smart suit that helps improve physical endurance and body’s resistance to injuries. This is exactly what The Wyss Institute for Biologically inspired Engineering at Harvard University is going to do backed up by $2.6 million contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The new wearable technology will considerably delay the onset of fatigue thereby enabling soldiers to perform better in battlefield situations and other important missions.

Air-conditioned Cooling Pants will keep you fresh below the belt area

On those hot humid days when you like you could just walk naked on the streets to let the air cool down your body the option comes with its own downsides and feasibility issues too. So it’s better you get one of these air-conditioned pants which help you keep cool even on the most hot and humid days that sap the energy out of you. Kuchofuku Air-conditioned Cooling Pants from Japan have built-in battery powered cooling fans that keep you cool from the belt down and yes comfortable too.

Nike’s reflective jacket will make medal winning Olympians glow with every click

A performance apparel making way to the Olympics is Nike’s 21st C. Windrunner V – a reflective jacket made in collaboration with renowned artist Marcus Gaab. You’ll ask why do we need a jacket with highly reflective properties at Olympics, isn’t it best for nighttime activities like running to riding a bike? I agree, but Nike with its more of an athletic-type apparel wants to make the Nike sponsored medal winners in London to shine brighter than the others.

Pollution sensing jacket lights up LEDs to warn you of hazardous air quality

Men have not been graced with the best in wearable technology yet, but it’s not the case anymore. Dutch design duo Nieuwe Heren have designed a really innovative men’s jacket that will combat against the dangerous air pollution in urban environments. Dubbed the Aegis Parka the jacket uses sensors to detect common air pollutants like alcohol, Benzene, smoke, NH3, Nox and CO2 and warns the wearer by illuminating the embedded LEDs when pollutants reach dangerous levels. More the level of pollution more LEDs illuminate.

Now a T-shirt you can wear for months without washing

The gravest issue with clothing that we adorn today is that you have to wash it over and over again, now how about a T-shirt you need to wash only once a year? Wow right! Well, that’s what Rab has got our way with its MeCo 120 T-shirt. Crafted out of materials with anti-microbial and anti-stink properties the MeCo shirt has been tested in the sever conditions and its sweat soaking capabilities have been commendable. The T-shirt gets its anti-stink properties from the blend of merino wool and recycled polyester with Cocona technology.

One Badass jacket powered by Arduino that keeps away thugs from harming you

Based on a very strange concept of aliening oneself from the crowded TTC subway or for that matter any other public transport system, the Badass jacket protects you from strangers who might be intruding into your comfort zone. Badass is a jacket which is something very different and niche in the wearable technology arena as it safeguards one against the antisocial elements of society especially ones who look to take advantage of other person in TTC. Deemed as a super modern fully functional garment which raises the collar and projects outward spikes automatically when someone gets too close, this could...

FURVER interactive corset guards personal space and readies you for self protection

FURVER interactive corset guards personal space and readies you for self protection

From the makers of mood interpreting and emotion displaying GRE: Mood Sweater comes the FURVER fo.corset, a wearable hard shell corset that interacts with the real world to keep the wearer safe. The protective fashion garment is inspired by the glowing tricks of sea anemones and the instincts of a porcupine that defend itself by raising the quills on its back and sides. Designer Kristin Neidlinger and team have embedded interactive proximity sensors laden fur with fiber optics on the nap of the neck of the corset.

Play Me: The Human Instruments gives insight into wearable technologies

In an effort to take e-textile manufacturing and wearable technologies to the next level a two day workshop was organized in Portugal for the same. The participants were shown how to make textile sensors from handmade conductive thread, yarns or fabric. These sensors are very sensitive and can be designed specifically to capture gestures of human body and then translate them into sound output. To do this the lilypad arduino is used to read the sensor input and wirelessly transfer it via Bluetooth or xbee to a computer having Max/MSP software.