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Le Chal bring together smartphone technology and innovative shoes to help the visually challenged

The most meaningful technological innovations are those that go beyond proving to be descent accessories or fancy gadgets. They are the once that help those in need and even if they can change a few lives for the better, then the purpose of the technological breakthrough is served. Currently being developed by Ducere Technologies and pioneered by Anirudh Sharma, an information technology engineer from India, the ‘Le Chal’ shoes are one of those that could significantly alter and improve the quality of life for the visually challenged. Translating to ‘Take along’, the shoes are a smart combination of the modern...

Sublime Experiment: Outward Expression of Inner Beauty jewelry is refreshingly different

Taking a beautiful turn from the way we perceive jewelry to be, the Sublime Experiment: Outward Expression of Inner Beauty by Yong Joo Kim shows how ordinary or mundane materials can be used as wearable jewelry. This particular line of jewelry up on Kickstarter projects consists of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches made from hand-made and hand-sewn Velcro hook-and-loop fasteners. The collection surely looks promising and gives a whole new meaning to wearable jewelry, so without further a due have a look at the Sublime Experiment: Outward Expression of Inner Beauty.

Microsoft’s wearable electromyography-based computer controller

Microsoft is hard at work since 2008 in developing an advanced wearable computer system that functions as a wearable electromyography-based computer controller which can be worn as an armpad, wristwatch, shirt, gloves or eyeglasses. This is just the infancy stage of wearable computing technology which can have many other applications other than just controlling games like controlling music player, television, game consoles and more. The Wearable Electromyography-Based Controller is directly attached to the user for sensing and decoding electrical signals created by human muscular activity by the Electromyography (sEMG) sensors which provide the necessary electrical signal for controlling computing devices.

Freeze Flex: Fabric-based iced warp around for ailing limbs

Do you struggle applying ice packs when hurt, just because they are very cold and don’t really stay in place for an extended period? Enter Freeze Flex – a one stop solution to all your problems. The Freeze Flex is a novel gel-filled ice pack with fabric body which guards your skin from being too cold it also has triangular patterns that contour to the natural curves of the human body.

Lisa Watsons’ architectural jewelry for a colorful summer treat

Summers’ are on and there is no doubt all you gals would be looking out for some vibrant, colorful and trendy jewelry to go with your multihued clothing. Enter Containment – a collection of colorful jewelry (bangles, rings and necklaces) designed for her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Jewelry by Lisa Watson. Very enthusiastic about modern lifestyle driven so much by geometric shapes, structures and colors – Lisa’s jewelry design are inspired by postmodern architecture.

3D printed shoes that use innovative technology for style and comfort

Continuum Fashion has come up with a new range of 3D printed shoe collection called strvct making use of an all new kind of innovative material for awe-inspiring designs. The shoes are designed in such a way that they have an incredible form factor with lightweight credentials and strength in the design structure. The whole range of shoes are lined with patent leather inner sole and coated with synthetic rubber at the bottom for maximum traction.

Wearable sculptures by Tracy Featherstone provide order and control

When a few different things are blended together, a new form of goodness comes into existence. If you do not believe in this theory then start believing because when you will see the art-work of artist Tracy Featherstone, then you are sure to get astonished. Tracy has come up with an idea that fuses architecture, clothing and furniture altogether. These are the portable sculptures made of pieces of wood. The material takes the shapes that faces the flesh and follows the human body curves and finally binds the both of them. These structures are called wearable structures and are well...

Summer Powell’s Gemetrica Collection, 3D printed jewelry for women of today

Jewelry adds substance to woman’s body and spirit of feminine style. And if Jewelry is 3D printed then uniqueness is spellbinding. For this exclusivity and to enhance your spirit in style, Jewelry designer and graphic artist Summer Powell has designed Gemetrica Collection featuring three distinctive necklace and earring styles. These lightweight gems inspired by classic jewelry shapes with a modern twist are created in CAD and produced using innovative 3D printing technology.

Sustainable ST- bracelet concept becomes a blessing when you have to visit a doctor

Since 2003, Shih Chien University – located in New Taipei City, Taiwan – has bagged about eleven design awards. This year too, the institution has something new to show that has been appreciated by thousands and has fetched them iF design award 2012. Named ST-bracelet, the concept is innovative, unique, purposeful, time-saving, and sustainable too. It beats all common bracelets especially at the times when you have to visit your doctor or go to a nearby hospital for a regular check-up. In the category of wearable technology, ST- bracelet is a great concept that defines flexible display with purpose and...

Headphones with hanging ear rings for geeky fashion buffs

Headphones that double up as cool ear earrings and ear buds sound really exciting. Yes and this adds to your fashion style statement too as you can go on listening to your favorite music as you flaunt the unmatchable colored earing style.