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EMS kit allows you to exercise your muscles through the mouse

EMS mouse kit @ thanko

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something ingenious and quirky.This time around, they have devised a contraption that allows you to exercise your stagnant muscles while working those sedentary desk jobs. And, the odd (and great) part is – you can control these muscle activities and exercises via your computer mouse. The unique working scope is actually based on the scientific application of EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation. This EMS kit encompasses two small pads with wires that can be connected to the mouse. You can fix these pads to your bicep muscles (or even abs) after...

Wear CommBadge speakerphone to control your smartphone

CommBadge Speakerphone

Saturation is the end of void and completion of what we have, perhaps this term can never be used for modern day technology and proving this right, technocrats all over the world are engaged in making something better or innovating new ideas. Similar is the case of inventor Charles Krimstock in Laguna Niguel, California and his colleagues who have developed a speakerphone that can be clipped on a shirt or hung around the neck like a necklace. Even better you can tune it to your smart phones like the iPhone and use the phone just with CommBadge. Who would have...

Ergowalker back support for reducing chronic lower back pain and easy mobility

Ergowalker back support for reducing chronic lower back pain_1

Let it be sedentary lifestyle making us fat or the lack of physical exercise; both have a major contribution in spoiling our health and the very identity of our soul, i.e. our body. Over the past few decades, lifestyle related disorders & maladies have increased one major discomfort in our life and that is chronic lower back (spinal) pain. Though, in 60% cases, its myofascial but can be serious as a symptom of spinal, boney or any other malignancy. Whatever the cause may be, lower back pain can hamper all our activities & cause us to be dull all the...

Designer conceptualizes robot that can be worn on a wrist


It may come as a bit of a shocker, but the above pictured conception is not a wristwatch, or rather not only a wrist watch. In fact, it is a wearable robot. Yes, a full fledged robot that can perform all the managing tasks of the owner’s life (much like Apple’s voice software Siri). However, this ‘robot’ can offer a much more personalized and varied service, given that it can comprehend the owner’s individual psychological framework (unlike Siri).

Waveform timing in the new Oscope watch by Tokyoflash

Oscope watch by Tokyoflash

Based on the technology of Oscilloscope, here is a watch by Tokyoflash called Oscope Watch that shows time in waveform on graph. The display on the watch shows X axis & Y axis in green on a black background and if you press a button for once, a horizontal moving sine curve graph comes up on the screen. The current hour is displayed by the number of maximums on the screen, like from 1-12. The increment in every 10 minutes (0-50) is indicated by the maximum function value (as a projection on the upper apexes on the positive Y-axis). The...

Apron Alert allows your cooking apron to tweet!


The quirky trend of odd wearable emanating odd tweets still continues with the Apron Alert. Based around a scientific project that involved improving our kitchen experience, this gear was contrived by some designers at the Smart Design’s Interaction Lab. The basic set up comprises of an apron that remarkably tweets just when the preparation for your meal has started and when it has finished.

Designer contrives a weight reducing smart gear for postal workers

final design_exo

It may come as a bit of a shocker, but on a daily average a postal worker handles around a whopping 250 kgs of mail. To put things into perspective, that is actually more than four times the average human mass (which stands at 62 kgs). And, of course because of the manual handling of such high weight ratios, many of our ever friendly postmen go through serious health issues like carpal tunnel syndromes. In this regard, design student Doris Feurstein has contrived her very own innovative solution for postmen, in the form an exclusive body gear for lessening the overall weight...

Pocket Brief is a revolutionary product for Nephrostomy patients

Pocket Briefs for Nephrostomy patients

You might have seen many folks carrying Urine bags in their hands when you make a visit to a hospital. Many of these can be simply urine bags inserted into the bladder vie urethra for patients who have some urogenital or renal anomalies but greater is the ordeal with guys who undergo Nephrostomy (a procedure that diverts waste liquid from the kidneys through a tube). For these patients, their pain is already a cause for bothering and tribulation and upon that they have to store their waste flushed from the kidney into external bags which not only look displeasing but...

Designer conceptualizes a ‘home theater’ headset with iPhone


In this age of mercurial technological advancement, there is one trend that remains nigh constant: small is beautiful. In this regard, designer Mike Enayah has tried to follow the ‘micro’ dictum by conceptualizing his very own home theater system, powered by none other than the exalted iPhone.