Author: Yash

EMS kit allows you to exercise your muscles through the mouse

EMS mouse kit @ thanko

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something ingenious and quirky.This time around, they have devised a contraption that allows you to exercise your stagnant muscles while working those sedentary desk jobs. And, the odd (and great) part is – you can control these muscle activities and exercises via your computer mouse. The unique working scope is actually based on the scientific application of EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation. This EMS kit encompasses two small pads with wires that can be connected to the mouse. You can fix these pads to your bicep muscles (or even abs) after...

Wearable sculptures by Tracy Featherstone provide order and control

Wearable Sculptures by Tracy Featherstone

When a few different things are blended together, a new form of goodness comes into existence. If you do not believe in this theory then start believing because when you will see the art-work of artist Tracy Featherstone, then you are sure to get astonished. Tracy has come up with an idea that fuses architecture, clothing and furniture altogether. These are the portable sculptures made of pieces of wood. The material takes the shapes that faces the flesh and follows the human body curves and finally binds the both of them. These structures are called wearable structures and are well...

Sustainable ST- bracelet concept becomes a blessing when you have to visit a doctor

ST- bracelet concept

Since 2003, Shih Chien University – located in New Taipei City, Taiwan – has bagged about eleven design awards. This year too, the institution has something new to show that has been appreciated by thousands and has fetched them iF design award 2012. Named ST-bracelet, the concept is innovative, unique, purposeful, time-saving, and sustainable too. It beats all common bracelets especially at the times when you have to visit your doctor or go to a nearby hospital for a regular check-up. In the category of wearable technology, ST- bracelet is a great concept that defines flexible display with purpose and...

China’s first Transformers Theme Park houses life-size scrap made replicas


We all have seen a range of transformer figurines flocking out of China in the past, so if there had to be an abode for transformers, anywhere outside the movie, then it had to be in China. And now like the Angry Birds theme park that we read about just recently, here is news that comes from Jiaxing, located in China’s Zhejiang province, where a transformers park has been constructed, which is all packed with giant replicas of everyone’s favorites including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron (live action figures).