Author: Ishan Sidhu

Realflex makes your wear light on your body


Darkness can make you blind if you don’t have an appropriate source of light to show you path or you aren’t an owl or a bat. Take it as psychological aspect or real one; you will never be able to make your way through darkness if you aren’t well prepared to deal with it. So far there isn’t anything to overcome the psychological darkness, but in case of real one I guess we have a solution invented by Hamburg-based German company, ‘Be8lich’.

Hi Tech LED glasses developed for visually impaired


The capability to see is one of the greatest gifts provided to human beings, but there are many people around the world who either don’t inherit it by birth or might have lost vision due to some mishap. As a solution for any such vision impairment, a team of researchers at Oxford University under the leadership of Dr Stephen Hicks from the Department of Clinical Neuroscience have come up with a set of LED Glasses dubbed as ‘Smart Specs.’