Author: Gaurav Sood

Memoto 5megapixel wearable camera captures twice a minute of your life

On the 28th of April, 2009; there came into existence a funding platform named Kickstarter. Since then, this platform is full of creative, innovative, ambitious and imaginative projects which promise to give new dimensions to the existing technological applications and hardware around us. It’s not just innovative thinking or transformation but a creation of a whole new material that can shape our future for better. That is why; kickstarter has a strong 2.5 million people pledging more than $ 350 million on more than 30 thousand projects, till now. So, among so many ambitious projects, here is one unique and...

To break the Google Glass, here is Motorola Solutions HC1 wearable computer

If you wish to look strikingly different than a normal digerati, Motorola Solutions has put on sale, a new wearable computer, which can be worn over the head and accessed anytime. Though sadly, not as cool looking as the Google’s Glass, Motorola’s HC1 is based on Kopin’s Golden-i wearable technology, an ideal computer for those who want persistent connectivity and are in telecommunications, defense, aerospace or aviation industry etc. HC1 computer system from Motorola comes with a micro display unit which is suspended in front of the user’s eye, just below the forehead. Powered with 800MHz OMAP, dual-core run Windows...

Wireless EEG headset prototype by Imec, Panasonic and Holst; makes a new mark in neurological diagnosis

It has been around 2 years since the concept of developing a new wireless EEG (Electroencephelograph) and its prototype came into being by a Belgian company, Imec and Voilà. Now after 20 months of research and development, the Belgium based company has announced an 8-Channel, easy-to-set-up wireless headset in collaboration with Panasonic and Holst Centre. The wireless EEG is a further development in the diagnosis of epilepsy and help in finding many neurological anomalies like ADHD etcetera.

Imusic Hat: Ingenious creation to make music experience warm and stylish in winters

A slight combination of technology with clothing turns out to be a highly desired innovation. Such an example is the Music Hat(Imusic Wireless Music Knitted Cream Hat), a cleverly knitted winter fashion accessory for the music lovers, which apart from keeping your ears warm also allows you to listen to your favourite tracks on the move. With headphone speaker positioned over each ear, this hat is very cosy, comfortable and warm.

Wearable glasses with wide angle cameras for making video calls

CEATEC Japan 2012 has kicked off in a big way and we are geared up for some very interesting new products on display and one of them that stole the show was TV phone glasses prototype by NTT Docomo. It is a headpiece like glasses having seven cameras for capturing the facial image of the person and sending it to the person with whom one is communicating. One of these cameras is on the back side of the headpiece which captures the back side of the person wearing it and there are three ultra-wide cameras on each side of the...

Data glove and head tracking device that uses motion capturing system

Developed by a team of master program Media Direction students at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany this data glove and head tracking device is capable of detecting gestures and track objects using the motion capturing system Vicon. Not only this, the data glove has precise head tracking in virtual environment using 3D glasses for enhanced capabilities. The glove has been build using lilypad and bending sensors for gauging finger movements and for sending the data Bluetooth connectivity is available. To calibrate this whole thing a push button and LED is added so that the user can go back...

Tokyoflash Kisai Driver Android powered watch is their classy futuristic wrist wrap

Tokyoflash always strives to make watches that are different from the league and inculcating futuristic design cues into them. Working on the same trend Tokyoflash has released Kisai Driver (abbreviation for Driving Revolution), a watch phone running on Google Android operating system and having most of the functions of any standard smartphone. Although there are many other similar watch phone themed watches in the market, Kisai Driver is different as you can attain from the pictures as the design is quite futuristic and upbeat.

iGlasses Ultrasonic Mobility Aid for the blind costs only $120

Mobility aids for people who cannot see clearly or any other such problem comes as a real bane but most of the times they cost on the higher end making it difficult for most people to purchase them. For such people AmbuTech and RNIB has come up with an innovative mobility aid to protect you head and upper body protection with ultrasonic object detection. Called as iGlasses Ultrasonic Mobility Aid, this head mounted device ensures a much more secure pedestrian travel as it detects the object around you vicinity using ultrasonic sensors and the feedback is send back using vibration...

Sublime Experiment: Outward Expression of Inner Beauty jewelry is refreshingly different

Taking a beautiful turn from the way we perceive jewelry to be, the Sublime Experiment: Outward Expression of Inner Beauty by Yong Joo Kim shows how ordinary or mundane materials can be used as wearable jewelry. This particular line of jewelry up on Kickstarter projects consists of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches made from hand-made and hand-sewn Velcro hook-and-loop fasteners. The collection surely looks promising and gives a whole new meaning to wearable jewelry, so without further a due have a look at the Sublime Experiment: Outward Expression of Inner Beauty.

Microsoft’s wearable electromyography-based computer controller

Microsoft is hard at work since 2008 in developing an advanced wearable computer system that functions as a wearable electromyography-based computer controller which can be worn as an armpad, wristwatch, shirt, gloves or eyeglasses. This is just the infancy stage of wearable computing technology which can have many other applications other than just controlling games like controlling music player, television, game consoles and more. The Wearable Electromyography-Based Controller is directly attached to the user for sensing and decoding electrical signals created by human muscular activity by the Electromyography (sEMG) sensors which provide the necessary electrical signal for controlling computing devices.