Author: Gaurav Sood

“Life Drop” to rehydrate the body

Life Drop is a string of mini-gourds filled of liquid enriched with vitamins and minerals to regulate the amount of the liquid inside your body. Life Drop is developed for the people of the region where natural resources of water are vanishing or least available.

Beautiful USB Fish with Key Ring

This drive offers three great benefits – Beautiful Fish look, USB Drive and a sweet Key Ring. Drive comes in 3 models – Y1, Y2 and B1. Capacity of this drive is 4GB which support Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS. Have a close look on this drive.

Volnawatches with a Masterpiece – VOLNATOMIC LIQUID TOURBILLON

Renowned Watch brand Volna has come with a new watch that can hold your breath for a moment – VOLNATOMIC LIQUID TOURBILLON. Mechanical hand-wound movement with tourbillon and 72-hour power reserve (Concepto Watch Company C-8019), Black PVD titanium case, Diameter: 46.5mm, Strap Genuine rubber with yellow hand stitching, black PVD-coated double pin buckle.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Skyhook

I am back again with some LEGO job. No true Star Wars lover can forget the grand Skyhooks orbiting Curascant. If your memories are fading then let me refresh them with this wonderful LEGO ‘Star Wars Darth Vader Skyhook’.

A Fire extinguishing Grenade concept by Brian Kang

Designer Brian Kang suggests a grenade concept, not for destruction, but for helping the fire fighters who risk their lives many times. But how can a grenade work as an extinguisher? The procedure to use it is just like an actual grenade – hold the grenade, remove the safety lock to release the pin, and throw towards the fire.

Robosaurus hunts a Crème-Filled Car (PICs)

Guys this scene is something that cannot be missed – a real life giant monster engulfing a car. It happened in Sydney Royal Easter Show a day ago. The mechanical monster’s hunger for Cadbury Escorts was worth watching. He sniffed at it, then like an angry beast blew fire on it from his nostrils and then picked it up just to tear it into pieces, poor car. If you have missed the live scene, here are the pictures that will tell you how brutal this thing is. This beast is called “Robosaurus”.

Horn Dockstation for your iPhone

Along with iPhone there is a flood of applications and features that we can find on web everyday. Everybody has something unique to suggest that can make the iPhone more adorable. I found this iPhone horn dockstation, which looks absolutely a grand thing to attach with the device. I don’t have technical details and whatever I could speculate, is based on the images I found. From the design, it seems that outlet for sound is two way, but in more stylish way. Even without external energy source, this dock stations looks like a hi-fi stereo sound system. Don’t know about...

Celsius X VI II LEDIX – A $300k luxury mobile in steampunk style

I guess ‘Celsius X VI II LEDIX’ is quite a different name for a cell phone, at least for me, and most probably for you too. What attracts most, for an obvious reason, is its mechanical looks, which is also the main appeal of the design. However, the most appealing and surprising part is its price tag of $300k. It doesn’t stand anywhere near your blackberry in applications and functions, but still it will be in demand.