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Must watch Ghost Recon Future Soldier trailer

The Ghost Recon Future Soldier will be out this year, but before that an action trailer, which is meant to make gamers familiar with the game is out. Game is multiplayer, but, don’t know whether it’s for only two players or more. A short live action movie is said to be made with a budget of $8 – $10 million. The trailer looks awesome and personally I am dying to play it. It has got everything one can expect in a futuristic military game, rather, will get more than enough.

Russia to develop secret Bucket Rover

Russians can’t be underestimated in any field and if you are, then let me tell you are making a big mistake. The latest news is that they are going to develop a Bucket Rover. I could only manage to get some images and don’t know about the specification. After looking at images, it seems that it has capacity of two passengers and meant to be used on earth only. Aerodynamics seems be ignored, don’t know why, and car looks a complete replica of a dust bin. It’s almost impossible for me to understand the mechanical part included in the backside,...

Your personal R/C Transforming Robot Car

It’s almost impossible for me to miss anything regarding Transformers. Let it be a toy or sculpture. Today I found this lovely RC transformer robot that will satisfy you with its smooth riding capability and with a full 180 degree turn. On your command it will transform into into an autobot with front hood upside and will fire five suction cup darts on your target. Then back on wheels and will come back to reload itself.

Dine & Wine at Maynard’s steampunk restaurant

Those who are aware of what the steampunk thing is, I have this wonderful place that has been entirely given a classic steampunk look. The place is Maynard’s – a restaurant in an old train depot in Tucson, Arizona. The inside environment just take you back to 20th centaury for a while. The decorative plan not only includes mechanical looks but has utilized real pieces of iron from 18th centaury rail track. It’s true. Have a close look at the feet of the bar table and you will be convinced.

Recycled PCBs turned into beautiful sculptures

It would have been injustice to these awesome pieces of arts if I had not given them their due place on my blog. Not only esthetically, but environmentally too these recycled PCB sculptures are adorable. Computer geek Steven Rodrig instead of throwing them in landfills chose to turn them into beautiful sculptures. Check out the sea turtle, dragonfly, and shoes made out of old PCBs.

Sprout Concept Pen lives on ink

As I am a blogger I have long ago departed from the tool called pen for an obvious reason. But for those who like to write on paper, designer Igor Lobanov has designed a fantastic concept – Sprout Pen. It’s named so because it has a sprout inside that seems to be growing on the ink. Isn’t it intersecting? The containment plant lives on the ink, which means you will see the plant inflate and change color from yellow to vibrate green as the pen sits in the inkwell and takes in the ink.

Ferrari 458 Italia to join autobot squad in Transformers 3

Ferrari 458 Italia is the new star face in Transformers 3. Michael Bay confirmed the news during a visit to a Ferrari charity event this week. The movie is scheduled to be released on July 1st, 2011. Michael hopes that with Ferrari in the transformer squad, the whole show will be more charming. Well, now some of the viewers must have realized that what they were missing, which earlier in two parts was not comprehendible.

Taurus – Safe and zero emission urban transportation concept

Problems in cities are on rise and probably will grow more and more day by day. Traffic, lack of sufficient space and pollution are few main concerns when we talk about urban life conditions. Therefore, designers and scientists are working on concepts that could be helpful in resolving these problems. Designer Erik Lanuza’s Taurus concept vehicle is an example of this. He has suggested a beautiful space efficient design with Zero emission electric motors for cities.

Recycled Apple iBook Clamshel clock with apple mouse pendulum

This Mac themed clock will show the same time as any other watch, but looking at this watch itself gives a sort of pleasure that is not usual in everyday life. It can be cited as an example of what we call cool stuff. The entire clock is made from a recycled Apple iBook Clamshell and measures just 13 inches wide by 15 inches high with a quartz clock movement and with a working pendulum, which is an apple mouse actually.