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Hima snowmobile concept for those who love speed

Designer Evangelos Lee Gicas has something special for adventure loving people. The snowmobile ‘Hima’ – a concept snow vehicle designed specifically for speed. A trade that is clearly visible both in the aerodynamic body but also the close-to-the-ground structure.

A pimped ride from China

I found this tuned Jeep while surfing and i though you will find it really interesting to know how Chinese pimp their rides. This is not the ultimate, there can be worse examples. However, for now, these images are enough.

Skateboard-styled Compact Mobility concept

Urbanization is posing problems and as usual, we are trying to solve them after creating them ourselves. It’s a long debate. I just wanted to bring your attention to a new invention by Professor Furukawa Osmaus – a skateboard-styled compact personal mobility device for urban conditions. It’s a sort of board that you can drag with you inside your office if you want. This 80kg commuter can take you on short distance journeys at a maximum speed of 10km/h and, of course, it will be stupid to think that this 300×600x250mm sized thing can replace scooters or bikes.

Have fun with Skateboard USB Drive

Have fun with Skateboard USB Drive

It’s not big task to play with USB drives. No matter what you do with the design, but the function of a USB drive remains the same. Still, it’s fun to have same treat in a bit different way. Skateboard USB Drive has almost the same features as other drives -high -speed USB 2.0 certified, built using durable solid rubber casing, hot plug and play functions like another hard drive, and requires no driver with most of the operating systems like Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and Mac OS.

Spy shots of new 225mph Murcielago hypercar

These spy shots of new 225mph Murcielago hypercar seem to be indicating that Lamborghini is trying to get its reputation back which it has enjoyed among supercars. As per the information, the new model boasts of a brand new 7.0-litre V12 engine, rumoured to have between 700-720bhp. Further, maker has switched to carbon fiber body, which is speculated to have reduced its weigh up to 150 kg. That means, the new Lamborghini will be about 1500 kg and believe me, this is going to give it a great acceleration. The power-to-weight ratio of around 470bhp per tonne leaves no doubts...

First full scene Iron Man 2 trailer out

I am among those fans of sci-fi movies who are waiting desperately for Iron Man 2. We have seen few glimpses, which were looking promising, but here is the first full scene trailer of the movie. Watch your superhero landing among the girls on dance floor. I am posting another video too with small bits of never before seen footage.

Is it the best optical illusion ever?

At the first glance, I saw a tiger painting, but what followed the first image was amazing. I have seen a similar illusion before, but this one is one step ahead. Have a look at it and I bet you can’t resist saying “It’s awesome”.

Life size SciFi Artificial Womb Sculpture made from found objects

Everyone has his own way to express what he/she wants to. Take an example of this ‘SciFi Artificial Womb Sculpture’. Before I could get to the point what really this thing is, I had to go through an interesting story of a survey ship, the CASPIN IV that encountered a faint signal beacon while charting systems at the edge of the explored Galaxy in 2871. The only remain found was this thing. Not only this, but the investigation showed that it’s a female baby, probably human, and had some extra 25,000 strands of DNA, which have still not been identified....

Real nasty LEGO Spider from Doctor Mobius

Jason Ruff or Doctor Mobius has gone for something creepy this time with his new LEGO Spider. It’s a nightmare for those suffering from arachnophobia and even for others, it can be. Don’t know what sort of LEGO bricks he has used, but those hairy looks are awesome. There are more of things we hate about spiders – egg missiles and drones. In one line – this LEGO spider looks nasty and no kid would ever like to play with something like this, unless he is psychotic. But, one thing is sure that, creating something like this is not an...

New Santa Cruz Carbon Fiber Nomad-c unleashed

The new lighter, sleeker, snappier, and tougher Nomad-c, sorry, Carbon Fiber Nomad-c has made appearance and it’s looking better than its aluminum predecessor. Replacing aluminum with carbon fiber has chopped off 1.25 pounds and boasts more strength and stiffness. New 160 mm travel carbon framed Nomad weighs 6.1 pounds with a RockShox Monarch 3.3 shock.